Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Sick and Kate Major sighting

Maybe this is a good sign, I don't know. But it's freaking me out. I knew I was going to come down with something. My boss and several coworkers all had colds last week. One particularly nasty and vengeful coworker actually went out of her way to purposely cough on me every time I walked past. One of those times was with my tray of food for lunch...which I then ate. Stupid, stupid. I should have taken more precautions.
Blissfully ignorant, Monday was great. I went to my masters swim class and had a fantastic session. I was able to swim 2600 meters without feeling tired at the end. This is a first. Normally, I feel trashed like my shoulders are going to fall off. The coach worked on getting me to swim more relaxed and not hyperextending during the reach phase. It worked! Amazing! I actually felt refreshed and energized when I got out of the pool.
Had a great day at work and ended the day with a zippy little bike ride up the coast. 22 miles, 17-18 mph. Not bad. Afterwards, went to pick up a fresh pair of running shoes. Don't worry y'all--it's the same brand I've been wearing for years and years. It's just that my current pair is on the end of its lifespan, and my knee has been acting up. I routinely get a fresh pair of running shoes for half marathons a few weeks out. This is no different.
Anyhoo, on the way home, felt an odd, achy fatigue creeping over me. Then the sneezing and sniffling started (no sore throat though--good sign?). Jason made a fabulous dinner, and for the first time since I can remember, I wasn't hungry. I took a few nibbles and knew I was doomed. Jason concoted a marvelous cup of Mighty Leaf (best tea in the world) citrus chamomile tea for me, which I drank and went to bed. Spent the whole night sniffling and sneezing.
Woke up Tuesday and knew I had a cold. Unfortunately, I had to go in for an important experiment, which I slogged through before going home in the afternoon. I took the rest of Tuesday off and took a long nap. Have been drinking LOTS of fluids. Taking Zicam. Luckily, I had already started taking Zicam Monday morning as insurance against a cold. Say what you will about the stuff; I think it works! At least it can't hurt. Wednesday morning (today), I already feel better. I want to get over this thing quick so I took today to work at home and rest up.
Yes, I'm freaked out that I contracted a cold so close to race day. However, I think I'm on top of this one. It seems to be already passing through. I'm hoping it won't have any long-lasting effects on my fitness or endurance. Plus, at least I have over a week before race day so it seems there may be just enough time to recover. Also, it ensures I'll have a good taper, right? Fully rested! Isn't there a superstition as well about many triathletes getting a cold during the taper only to come back and kick ass on race day? Well, I'm making it one. This is my "taper cold."

Oh, another thing. I'm dropping off my bike at B&L for a final, race-prep tune-up. I feel very foggy in my cold med-induced haze. I keep wondering why several staff members are running around the store in a mad frenzy. I look to my left. There's a cute, petite, very tan woman with ENORMOUS calf muscles and an endearing Australian accent standing there with a confident air about her and a small entourage in her midst. I get the feeling that I'm standing next to someone important, not because she's arrogant, no, quite the contrary (she seemed very sweet, friendly, relaxed, and easy-going). It was just this feeling that came over me (and perhaps the way everyone around her seemed about to fall into the Wayne's World, "I'm not worthy," pose.

I look to my right and this amazing bike is sitting there. Sleek gray carbon with orange points--an Orbea Orca. I look closer and there's a cute little cartoon of a smiley face on it (see pic to right). Next to it, a name monogrammed onto the top tube, which reads, "Kate Major." I'm standing next to Kate Major. Yes, Kate Major. As in Ironman World Champion, Kate Major. I backed away slowly, realizing I was standing between her and her bike, which has to be bad mojo.
Turns out she needed a new wheel for her training ride that afternoon. Unfortunately, I felt way too sickly to tell her what I big fan I am, or even say hi. Well, I may have clammed up even without the cold. All I could do was to keep reminding myself not to stare. However, I did feel pretty good about dropping my bike off at that store for a tune-up. Just seeing her did make me feel a little bit better. First, Michellie, now Kate. And I'll be seeing both of them in Oceanside in 10 days. It's nice to be living in the land of pros.


bunnygirl said...

Well, you would've felt bad if you'd given Kate a cold, so it's all for the best.

Get well by race day!

Lana said...

That's too cool!

Mike said...

Rachel- hope you get over it quick! There must be something going around because I have people sneezing all over up here too....I can't believe someone coughed on you purposely!?! A swift punch to her snout should eliminate that bad behavior in the future..seriously. ;-)

JeffM said...

I agree with Mike take her out! She's jealous you're in such good shape. Hope you get better.

Jenö said...

Get better soon!! Why would anyone go out of their way to make you sick?

Vickie said...

Lucky you! You will do great on race day. Your cold is already improving, and as you say, you have plenty of time for a taper this way.

Mon said...

well that was rude of your coworker!
does zicam have zinc in it? i swear by zinc for a cold!
Awesome to meet someone you look up to, even if you didn't say hello.

GP said...

It has been nearly impossible to make it out of the season without getting sick. And we just hit spring too!

Get healthy and train well. Best wishes on your season!

RunBubbaRun said...

I'm jealous, you got to stand near Kate major's bike. I have only seen it in picture and that is pretty sweet.

Hope you have a speedy recovery. If it lets you get rest, it is sometimes not a bad thing.

Great job on your workouts.

Habeela said...

I'm totally sympathizing on the cold front. I hope yours passes faster than mine is. I've been down for a week now - although I managed to get an eye infection with my cold too so that didn't help any.

Hopefully Kate Majors sent seriously positive vibes your way and you'll be up and running in no time.

Bolder said...

i woulda tackled her.

you did good.

take care of yourself!

Tariq said...

Tila Tequila Gives Kate Major a Birthday hot Kiss- See All Uncensored Pict