Sunday, March 04, 2007

Moving On

Babs--quite an expert on R&R. Maybe we should take note!

This weekend was so nice to put a stressful week in perspective and move on. I was finally able to focus on each day as it came, and the key workout for the day. I didn't try to make up for missed workouts, and I decided not to feel guilty about it. This is a new one for me. Afterall, this week was supposed to be a "Maintenance" week anyway. Looking back at my stats for the week, I still logged in plenty of hours, while scaling back, so maybe it worked out for the best. 8 hours of training is nothing to sneeze at, eh?

Saturday we did a nice 52 mile coastal ride. It was WINDY. I mean like, hurricane windy. I had a hard time keeping the bike upright at times and, in low areas, close to the coast, I got pelted with sand. I got sandblasted. Literally. Ouch! For some reason, when the going gets really tough on the bike with a big hill or severe wind, I've adopted a much more "Bring it," attitude than in previous years. I love having to focus every part of my mind and body on the extreme physical task ahead of me and being forced to tune everything else out. Sometimes it's turning the pedals over up a steep grade or holding the bike up in extreme winds, or both, but it's just man vs. nature. Primal. I love it. That's why we're out there doing this, right? To feel....ALIVE.

The bike felt great. Only problem is a screw fell out of one of my pedals at mile 30, and I had to finish only partly clipped in. Gotta haul the bike to the shop tomorrow to fix that. Jeez. What a pain. I was stubborn though. I finished out the ride. I was in the zone. I just had to go with it, no matter how windy it was or how my bike was behaving. Somedays, you just have to go.

Sunday we did our "long" run but I scaled back this week since running is so stressful. My knees have been a bit achy, indicating me that I've been pushing it. We did a gentle 8. I didn't feel too sore or tired at the end and chatted the whole time with friends in our group. The miles flew by, and the battery in my watch died yesterday so I went sans watch. Felt great.

I feel refreshed and happy that I listened to my body this week. I actually tried to push through my stress and fatigue and started some workouts on Thursday and Friday. Hooked my bike up to the trainer and did the 10-minute rule to see if my mind was psyching my body out. It wasn't. 10 minutes in, I felt just as crappy. Same thing happened on Friday while trying to lift weights, a gentler, more relaxed workout. My body said, "Nope." I admit, I was pissed both times, but I listened. I stopped, had some tea, and went to bed. It's the first time, I've ever bagged a workout like that. Normally I push through. But I realized I was going to get absolutely 0 benefit from that philosophy, while good 'ole-fashioned rest was what I needed.

I feel good as I enter my final week of training before my 3-week taper. That's right folks. We're beginning the 4-week countdown. Yes, I'm freakin' excited! This is going to rock!


bunnygirl said...

Sweetiebun doesn't look at all tempted by that bike in the background!

SkiRough said...

That's a good idea about your 10-minute on the trainer rule.. I'll have to try. Cute picture of Babs!

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

I really need to find some motivation to get me exercising in this cold weather. Babs looks so cute, though her ears look like she is saying, "Begone! Can't you see I'm trying to nap?" lol

jp said...

nice work, it looks like your training is coming along nicely.

I was out on Saturday on PCH as well.

The wind was BRUTAL! It literally almost blew me into a car...I was crusing along and WHOOSH I went left 10 feet into traffic. scary.

Paul said...

Yup that was some serious wind. I went up to Lake Wolford. The climb was so windy I had several spots where I made zero forward progress as I tried to balance. Not to mention the amount of sand I had to clear from my eyes. Sheesh. Well at least it was warm!! Cute bunny pic. :)

Triteacher said...

OK, Am I the only one getting a little teary eyed and saying, *Sniff, sniff* "I remember when... she was just planning this season, debating whether or not to tackle this distance... Our little girl's all grown up." End *Sniff*

Go get 'em, Tiger!