Thursday, May 04, 2006

Foot Pain Update and New Balancing Strategy

First, thanks for all your suggestions. I really appreciate it! As the Beatles would say, It's getting better all the time. My foot, that is. I ran on the treadmill 3 miles on Wednesday with my new arch-support insoles, and it felt even better than Sunday. Almost no pain at all to a dull ache at the worst (leaps and bounds better than stabbing, excruciating pain like last week). It was hurting when I walked but I think the problem was again, lack of arch support. I picked up some insoles with arch support at the local drugstore, and guess what? Arch pain--gone! Walking is LOADS more comfortable. I only wish I had started doing this sooner! So the verdict? Whatever it is, it's definitely healing. I've also been icing every night and taking ibuprofen during the day, which also seems to be speeding recovery.

Based on this new information, I've decided to go ahead and race conservatively this weekend. It'll be a "C" priority race. I need it for experience. I know I can be disciplined enough to take it easy on the run (I did at the Carlsbad 5000) as long as I have the mindset that I'm going to go slow purposefully before I start. Worst comes to worst, I can always walk. I'm not running at all between now and Sunday, which hopefully, will also give it more time to heal.

Other news? I have a new strategy for balancing life and triathlon. It seems so easy, simple, and apparent, but I've actually started doing it. What is it, you wonder? Wake up early! I'm a night owl by nature so this has been extremely difficult. There are a couple of reasons that motivated me to wake up earlier.
1) I'm sick of feeling guilty all the time for getting into lab late.
2) I feel rushed all day when I wake up late.
3) I miss all the tri club workouts in the pm (all at 6 pm).
4) I feel pressured to do 2 back-to-back workouts at night, which is hard at the end of the day.

I started by setting 2 alarms: 1 is a gentle sound soother to lull me awake; the other is a radio alarm that goes off 10 minutes later--loud enough that I can't fall back asleep, but not so loud as to startle me awake. It worked! I woke up early enough today and yesterday to do a morning workout. Then, I can get into lab at a decent time, feel productive without being hurried (hopefully), and leave in time to join the tri club for workout number 2 by 6. I'm home by 8, and do chores, get ready for the next day (key), eat dinner, and then relax (play with bunnies, stretch, watch t.v.). By 10, I'm sleepy so I get into bed and read for a bit before turning out the lights by 10:45 and being asleep by 11! This is HUGE for me. That means I can get up by 7! Eventually I'll get it even earlier but for right now, this is HUGE. I'm so excited!

This week has been superb so far.
Monday: massage (which I really needed); bike (trainer); weights
Tuesday: swim (went swimmingly; hee hee)
Wednesday: run treadmill 3 mi (am); tri club workout Fiesta Island time trial (12 miles; 5 laps) (pm)
Note--I loved meeting some of the other club members; this was my first club workout; there are some very nice people there!


bunnygirl said...

I've done two alarms for about a year now. It's great! Makes it almost impossible to oversleep-- you really have to work at it, when the alarms are at opposite sides of the room, LOL!

Do you stretch with your bunnies? I do! Tidbit loves stretching and icing time, although she tends to nibble at the bags of frozen veggies when I'm icing...

Habeela said...

Morning workouts and less pain? Life is lookin' good! :)

Cliff said...

It seems everythign is turning well for u: )..good stuff on the sole.

As for sleeping early. I am very use to it now. I usually sleep between 10-11. I sometimes stay a few min late b/c I want to prep up for next morning.

I find preparation the night before is the key. When I am preparing, I am mentally focus training tomorrow early in the morning. Sometimes I do slack here and there. But this is usually if I feel my body need more rest.

Jessi said...

I'm a huge fan of morning workouts! Get up early, get 'er done, and get on with the day!

Rachel said...

Morning workouts are definitely good. Now, if I can just get my energy up!

Bunnygirl--my buns LOVE it when I stretch with them. they run under me back and forth when I do down-dog and nudge me and kiss me for pettings when I'm stretching. They can't leave me alone!

jameson said...

awesome.. you are doing the Spring Sprint... i will be there... racing. if you see me (silver cervelo dual, tri club SD racing singlet) come say Hi.

mornning workouts are a must for me... it's the only way i can put in good swim workouts. all mental.

Rachel said...

Jameson--I'll definitely look for you!