Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Bike commuting, crazy lady, & neo-nazi M&M's

I took last week off entirely. I didn't mean to; I was only going to take off a few days. However, I slept a lot and ate a lot and am feeling revved up and ready to go this week. So maybe it was all for the best.

I have decided to commit more to bike commuting. No more excuses. I bought the stupid bike. Now I'm going to use it. I'm going to try and use it for errands around town too. I'm excited about attempting this. For the next month, I'm going to see how obsolete I can make the car. Today, even though I was running late, I rode Ghostrider into lab. It took me 20 minutes as opposed to 15. Worth the extra 5 minutes? Definitely.

Crazy lady kept us up all night. Again. Yelling, "Is anyone out there?" at 1 in the morning. Drunk or crazy or both, I'm not sure. In response to someone telling her to shut up (very effective and tactful, by the way; such a helpful neighbor), she screamed, "What time is it?" By the way, it was 3. We had our windows closed. I was sleeping. She woke me up. Jason called security and reported it (back at 1 when we couldn't sleep). Security never showed up. Oh, she yells in the morning too. Cursing at the top of her lungs. So nice to wake up to. The other day it was: "Don't call me a g@d$#! whore! I'm not a whore, you f#@*&n a**hole." This morning, it was: "Where are my g@d$"n cigarettes? I need my g@d$@n cigarettes! I need them, RIGHT NOW!" Needless to say, I reported it to management. I haven't been the only one complaining about her, thankfully. I'm afraid she's going to go ballistic and take a machine gun and start offing people from the balcony. Very pleasant.

Saw some movies this weekend. X-Men was pretty entertaining. I've decided I want to have a superpower. I want to stop time. That would be so cool. I don't want to go back in time; that might really mess things up. The whole space-time continuim thing. But to stop time? That would be awesome. I just want to relax! Oh, I'd like to be able to fly too. And maybe move things with my mind. The flying thing would be so cool. I think one of the reasons I like triathlon is it makes me feel a little (just a little) like a superhero. I'm doing things I didn't think my body could do. I'm gaining speed and muscle and power so it's kind of like a superpower. For me anyway. Hey, whatever motivates me, right? What superpower do you wish you had?

I have to say, I was a junk food addict last week. I am actually craving a salad. That's how bad I was. Ate some Red Vines (among other things). Some peanut M&M's. Hey! Who's the marketing genius who came up with single-colored M&M's? At the movies, every single one of my M&M's was yellow! How awful is that? It's some new thing they're doing. I want reds and yellows and blues and greens! I don't want only one color. I want to live in a world where we have M&M's of all colors! I don't want some neo-nazi M&M's. Besides, they've done studies and people eat more when there's more variety. Give people 1 color and they eat less. Wouldn't the M&M people want us to eat more M&M's so we have to go out and buy more? Duh!

The bunnies have been very happy beacause I've spent a lot of time petting them lately. I also clipped their nails which they didn't like so much (they all got treats aftewards though). I've been reading Oscar stories too. He runs to me when I call him and lays down beside me for petting. Babs nips my toenails (she knows it doesn't hurt! smart girl!) when I'm on the phone and "ignoring" her. Ah, kids.


bunnygirl said...

Sorry about your crazy neighbor. Do earplugs help at all?

I totally know what you mean about eating so much junk you crave "real" food. The first time I did that was in high school, the day before we broke for Christmas. OMG-- I ate so much chocolate and peppermint that the school-issue mysteryburger tasted good!!!

What do you read to your bunnies? I used to read The Runnaway Bunny to my last bun and she would dutifully look at all the pictures and nibble the pages. But Tid shows no interest at all. Brat. Maybe I'm just not reading her the right material?

Rachel said...

I haven't tried earplugs. That's a thought.

I read anything I'm reading to my buns. They don't care. I've read a lot of Lemony Snickett's "Series of Unfortunate Events" and C.S. Lewis' "Chronicles of Narnia."

Anonymous said...

I wish I could breath underwater and summon creatures of the deep like Aquaman. How cool would that be? Summon up a couple of dolphins to pull me through a tri swim! No USAT rule against hitching a ride on dolphins :-)

Habeela said...

Superpower? Ability to fly. Definitely.

Single colored M&Ms. Maybe that's what's causing your neighbors insanity? ;) Couldn't you wish it were that easy!

Jodi said...

I'm totally on the "bike to work" bandwagon. Which is easy to do when it's 5 miles downhill. It's rare that I don't regret the decision at 6:30 pm leaving lab to a sweaty uphill trek, though.

Let's see, my superpower would be endless endurance! I'd do anything to be an ironman!

Sorry to hear about the crazy neighbor. Living in Cleveland I feel your pain. My neighbor 2 doors down is a paranoid schizophrenic.

Love your blog!

Cliff said...

Xmen was great. I feel sorry for Cyclops. He is gone for no reason (sorry if I spoil the ending for anyone who is reading this comment).

Superpower..to fly. In all my dreams, i can fly...(ok more like float) from one point or another. In most dreams, i will slowly lose my ability to fly...weird.

I hope your neighbour will be taken care of. Either she change her attitude or she is not there....

TriSaraTops said...

LOL at your crazy neighbor! When the east coast had a power outage a few years ago, and it was 90 million degrees out, at my hubby-then-boyfriend's place we were trying to sleep in the sweltering heat and heard a neighbor ALL NIGHT screaming, "Gimme my $hit! Takin' my meat and throwin' in on the floor? I put food in your mouth, b%&^ch!" We still LAUGH about it since we HAD to have the windows open...what a night!

Hope it stops soon for ya! :)

Mon said...

i take it the crazy lady lives by herself? Nothing like having a looney neighbor!
ahhh the bunnies love the special lovins!!!!

Rachel said...

thanks for all the stories. crazy people do make things rather entertaining. we used to live next door to a halfway house for schizophrenics. that was interesting. one time, the flowers in our flower boxes were replaced with pizza!

qcmier said...

Damn, I should have skipped Cliff's comment.

Not sure what superpower I would want. Perhaps invisibility or shape shifting.

Jessi said...

Hilarious post! I love that you read to your bunnies. I can just picture it.