Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Stress and Insomnia

I can't believe how crazy my life has been. I turned my thesis in yesterday! All 100 pages of it. To all 6 of my committee members. It felt good. Now, I'm working on my presentation. Exactly two weeks from today. I can't believe it. I'm excited and terrified.

I finally slept without the aid of Benadryl for the first time in weeks. I have had the WORST insomnia lately. It sucks. Some scientists are studying the link between sleep deprivation and weight gain. Duh! You're too tired to work out! There's no mystery!

Jason will be coming back soon. It was sooooo nice to see him over Thanksgiving. I slept like a baby. It's weird how bonded you get to someone you're married to--on a subconscious level. We'll have been together 9 years this February. I can't believe that. It seems like we just met yesterday!

I'm hoping now that my thesis has been turned in and I feel more on track that I will be able to get my life in order--mainly sleeping and waking like a normal person and exercising on a daily basis. I feel like such a fat pig! I'm also a complete night owl. When I'm stressed, I don't fall asleep until 4 a.m., and I wake up at 2 p.m.! What the hell?! If I'm really stressed, I don't sleep at all. Then, it's easy to wake up early. I guess that's the only upside to not being able to sleep. It's easy to get out of bed in the morning. I'm still getting hives too. I can't wait for this to all be over, and for Jason to be back by my side so I can get some zzzz's!

Question of the Day:
What's your favorite cure for insomnia?


Rita said...

Yay! I'm glad you got some good rest with Jason. I'm sorry that you're having trouble sleeping though. :(

My fav. cure for insomnia?
1. Watching Adult Swim while I knit
2. Releasing 'stress' (see your b-day present)
3. Talking to my parents on the phone

Your Writing and Presentation buddy,
Rita : )

Erin Nicole said...

reading is my cure...i grab a good book and it allows my mind to focus in, instead of wandering all over the place. once i focus, i begin to relax and about 3 chapters in i fall asleep with the book in hand.

Mon said...

Hot bath! I watch nick at night when I can't sleep. I think the familiarity of the older shows helps ease my mind? Or, tv is just a comfort to me lol!

Chris said...

It sure is nice to see that you are still alive. :) I completely understand that the stresses of life can wear you down sometimes and throw everything out of whack.

Congratulations on getting your thesis turned in. That is a huge weight off of your shoulders. I'm sure that your presentation will go just fine. Take a deep breath...it will be over before you know it. Nothing worth having comes easy.

I don't really have a cure for insomnia. I am pretty much a night owl as well. I seem to get more done late at night. There's always Ambien! I've heard that it will knock you out pretty quick. Of course, like everyone else has mentioned, there is always reading, watching TV, or having sex.

Well, it is good to have you back blogging again. Now, go and get some sleep!

Kevin said...

I typically have a movie or a tv show DVD from a Season that is my "go to sleep" choice...right now it is Season 2 of Scrubs. The only stipulation for it being something I go to sleep by is that I know the ending realy well. If I dont know how the show comes out, I find myself staying awake.

I have started becoming a night owl again lately, but I dont have the liberty of sleeping in...so going on just a few hours of sleep a night, I am exhausted by the time I get to bed the next day. And since my semester is over there really isnt any stress to keep me awake right now :)...so insomnia (which I usualy suffer from some too) isnt an issue at the moment. However, because of that, running hasnt been happening much the past two weeks either.