Friday, December 16, 2005

the evil of sleeping pills

So I told my doctor about my insomnia and she insisted on an Rx for sleeping pills--Ambien. I have to say, it f*cked me up and left me feeling worse than a couple of nights of no sleep. I was pretty wound up when I popped one at 11:30. I laid down on the couch (because my bed sucks) and began flipping through magazines, petting the buns, and watching t.v. Very relaxing. I got up to turn some lights off and realized I was having a hard time balancing. I felt like I was falling with every step I took. Having had a lot of prior experience feeling kind of messed up (another story, another time), I made my way back to the sofa and laid down. The magazines were too heavy to flip through anymore. I petted Babs for a little while longer, but I was worried my hand was to heavy on her head because I couldn't really sense it. My limbs felt like dead weight. I realized everything on the t.v. was multiplying--no matter how I focused--everything was in double. And there was a haze in front of everything. I felt more relaxed then anything but I moved to the bed and then fell into a deep coma until 11 this morning when I was awakend by a screaming headache that required 3 ibuprofens and 20 minutes of meditation before I could even think of getting up without my head spinning. I still feel really out of it, and I have to give my practice talk in half-an-hour. Moral of the story---don't take sleeping pills for insomnia; take them for a fun time. If you have lots of free time.


Mon said...

Ambien is strong stuff! I take trazadone. I had to play around with the dosage on wknds til I got it right. I decided on 1/4 a pill when I have to get up early. My problem is staying asleep though, I have no trouble falling asleep. Sounds like your experience was trippy lol!

G-Man said...

If this insomnia continues get yourself checked out at a sleep clinic by a competent doctor. You may have sleep apnea and no amount of sleeping pills will fix it.
If I have had a series of bad nights I take Imovane which works well for me. Taking sleep meds for more than 2 weeks may lead to dependency.
Sweet dreams.
getting laid might help

Steve Berke said...

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