Tuesday, April 21, 2009

How do You Achieve Balance?

In response to Dr. John's question on his blog post:

How do you balance family, career, and working out?
It's hard but so necessary. The harder I work on my career, the more I need to train simply for the stress relief. The harder I train, the more I need to recovery (sleep, eat, stretch, massage, etc). I am very organized. I have a lot of lists. I do a lot of planning for the next day at the end of each day. I also go to bed very early. I sacrifice a lot of wasted time, tv watching, and socializing. I get my social time in during workouts and sometimes even family time (my boyfriend and son often work out together--track workouts, anyone?). It's hard but I'm the happiest I've ever been and accomplishing so much more.


Diana said...

I can remember before losing all my weight (with the exception of this last 30lbs to get off yet!) I thought I was busy. I actually thought I had no time before work (2nd shifter) to do anything-there just wasn't any time. Now I bike or run or both for 2 hours, eat, shower, poop, pee-all that good stuff and then still get off to work for 10 hours at the hospital. And you know what??? I wouldn't go back to the other way for anything! You are right on the training. It is a great stress reliever of work crap. I don't even care about TV anymore, but I still try to find time for the boys! If anything, they are always there for me at any of my finish lines! What more could you ask for?!

Caroline said...

So very true!! And isn't it amazing how the kids get into the routine too!! I was so surprised when my little ones started saying they wanted to come to the track, but they love it.

Grey Beard said...

Wow, Dr John's response really hit home. First with chronic fatigue, and then with a "coronary event", and recently with diverticulitis, I have experienced that fear. I could see the life I love, one of vitality and movement, at an end, and I chose to fight back at all costs.

No matter what you choose to include in your life, whether binge drinking or endurance sports, those activities will attract a supporting cast. Best then to choose something positive you love.

So yeah, kill your TV, find friends that love life and motivate you, set an example for kids and family, a healthy one, and choose health and life, and then it's just fundamental time management.

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

If you are the happiest you have ever been, I think you have found balance for yourself. That's the most important part of life's journey - finding happiness. I'm so happy for you.

Great job on the swim in the previous post, too!

Colleen said...

I agree with Chad... finding balance simply means happiness. Sounds like things are going really well for you and that's what matters most!