Thursday, April 02, 2009

Game On!

Here I go again.

This was my first half-ironman (2007). I had a nasty cold and was doped up on cold medicine (from overtraining). I had a terrible swim and swallowed a ton of nasty harbor water. I didn't pace, eat, or drink well on the bike (or the run) and got off feeling tired and bloated. Started the run at my 5K pace until I got to 3 miles and realized, "Shit! I have 10 more miles to go." I almost panicked. At mile 6, I still had one more loop to go and wasn't sure I was going to make it. Of course, I hadn't been drinking or eating anything on the run. I started feeling dizzy, disoriented, and naseous. At one point, I tried to put one of the cold, wet sponges distributed at the aid stations in a mailbox (I thought it was a trash can). When I finally finished, I was exhausted but victorious. Subsequently, I suffered from an 8-week long sinus infection (a.k.a. "The Beast") due to overtraining and racing with a cold. The following week, I signed up for Ironman Arizona.

--Duking it out on the hilly CA 70.3 bike course on Bluebell in '07

You can read the original race report here:

Now I'm back, 2 years later, with another half-ironman (Soma 2007), an Ironman, and a marathon (Nike Women's San Fran 2008) under my belt. I'm still slow but I'm stronger. Plus, I have my tri bike with Zipp race wheels (speed weaponry, ha!) and an aero helmet. I'm pulling out all the stops. I don't feel like I've training as hard but at a closer look, I've actually done more this year than in preparation 2 years ago, including ocean swims, a century ride, a half marathon, and several 15K hilly trail runs. I think I'm ready.

I wasn't going to taper but a sneak attack from a stomach bug sort of forced me into it. I had a massage this week. And acupuncture to help my stomach relax. And I saw the podiatrist about the lingering niggle left in my foot, a remnat of the plantar fascitis. Turns out, he thinks I partially tore it on the track 10 weeks ago. No biggie, it has mostly healed on its own (and they treat PF by tearing it in surgery anyway so I kind of underwent self-surgery). Now, there's only one thing left to do--sleep more! I've been guilty of trying to work too much in lab this week as a substitute for not working out. Doh! I know on Saturday, all the pieces will have fallen into place. But can I puh-lease get my period on Sunday, not Saturday? I'm in total PMS mode this week, complete with acne, fatigue, moodiness, bloating, and a sensitive tummy. All I can say is: NOT FAIR!!!

My overall goal for Saturday is to have fun and make it a good training day. I also want to race smarter, pace well, hydrate and eat accordingly, and finish feeling a lot better than I did before. But, just between you and me, deep down, I would love to smash my time from 2 years ago. Yes, that's right. Deep down, I harbor a dark, hidden secret: I want to KICK SOME ASS!!!

Game On.

Btw, my number is 2026 if anyone is following this weekend. Hope to see some of you guys out there with me!


Buck said...

I'll be following you, but that's probably due to my broken toe or a later wave start. Either way, I will see you after the finish.

jameson said...

GOOD LUCK! we'll be out there cheering for you.

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Good luck! I'm betting you are going to have a great race.

Shawn said...

Kick some butt!

LG said...

have a great race! with all your training and pushing yourself lately, i have no doubt you will have not only a great "training" race but also SMASH your time!

Diana said...

Have a great time and can't wait to read all about it!
Nice if Aunt "Flow" stays out of town for this one...bitch always seems to know just when to fly in!!

Have fun and best of luck!

PS/thanks for self-coaching tips!

untpawgal02 said...

Have a wonderful race... best of luck!

teacherwoman said...

Oh hun! You are so ready! Rock it!

Sherry said...

I am totally excited for you! I have so many blogger friends racing this weekend... and I'll be keeping track of all of you!

I remember reading about your "sponge in the mailbox" incident when I first found your blog. I was able to totally relate to it the day that I was so disoriented that I tried to put my cycling gloves on my FEET!

Have a fantastic time this weekend and be sure to enjoy every minute of it! Can't wait for the post-race report!

don said...

Bring your arm warmers because it is cold here in Oceanside (and that is coming from a Canadian). Hurry up and get here so we can get the party started!

Grey Beard said...

Filed under "mental illness is greatly under-appreciated as a form of motivation" - kicking the ass of your former self is the most rewarding win of all. It's the gold standard for judging improvement!

I'll be thinking of you when blasting through Party Pardee hyper-fueled on Acai-spiked Gatorade. Shooting for 4:00 but secretly hoping I can crush it in 3:30.

Best of luck super-girl. I'll be the wind at your back :D

Wes said...

Have fun AND kick some ass :-) I'll be watching!!

Leah said...

Go Rachel! I remember reading your race report two years ago and being inspired despite all your trials. I know you'll kick ass. Good luck!