Friday, April 17, 2009

Battered, Bruised and Bloody

It's been a good but tiring week. I hope I do okay on my crazy hilly 60-mile ride up Palomar tomorrow. I have to run 15 on Sunday. Gulp. I hope to jump in the Cove afterwards for a relaxing swim. Water is about 60. I managed to hit almost all my workouts this week. I decided to take Friday off since this weekend is so killer. I was feeling tired. Maybe biking 4x AND running 4x a week (in addition to swimming 3x and weights 2x and Yoga and oh, btw, I have a full time job too....) is too much? Hmmmm. It's a running-focused block. San Diego Rock 'n Roll Marathon is 6 weeks away. Maybe biking 3x/week right now is okay so I can get my runs in. There will be time for a bike block after this. Gotta follow my plan....

Thursday, Brent and I went for an easy-paced 6-mile run at Black Mountain Park (

Brent was relying on me to lead the way. However, I hadn't run there since my race. Apparently, I don't think about where I am at all when I race. It was tough; I didn't recognize anything! The map I had printed didn't show all the alternative trails criss-crossing every which way. It was a fun, exploratory run. We ran down one way, then back-tracked. Finally found a tiny little sign that read "Trail". Maybe that's a clue? Headed down the for a bit, winding over a narrow dirt path littered with rocks. Turned down another wrong path and ran that way for a bit until the grass grew so long and thick, I felt like were bush-wacking our way in the outback. When I finally reached a dry creekbed, I knew we had gone the wrong way. Back again and finally spotted another "Trail" sign. It was like a treasure hunt!

We managed to stay on the designated trail after that. Up one hill, then down the next. I thought Black Mountain Park was supposed to be kind of flat? Nothing but! After 3 miles, we turned and headed back. I felt much more relaxed now that we knew where we were going. I chatted easily, huffing and puffing up yet another hill.

"You're kind of quiet," I commented to Brent.

"I'm concentrating."

"On what?"

"The trail. You have to be careful."
"But we're not going that fast!"

"Well, you also happen to talk a lot more than me." Ha ha. Touche! I have been known to talk to myself when no one is around. I can carry a conversation with myself. You could leave the room, and I wouldn't even take a breath (or realize you had left). But I diverge....

Brent headed up ahead. I knew the final turn towards the car was near; we were about a mile from the start. Like horses smelling the stable, we started to pick up the pace. Suddenly, Brent heard a kerbloop! I tripped on a rock, and in slow motion, realized I was going to fall. I stopped trying not to fall and began preparing to fall. I relaxed and dove forward, doing the Superman belly flop onto the trail. Of course, all of this complex planning happened in milliseconds. I groaned and rolled over to assess the damage. Although it was a dirt path, apparently there were a lot of rocks. I had scrapes all over my wrists, forearms, and left hip. Both knees were badly scratched and bloody. Luckily, my knees broke my fall.

I got up and brushed myself off. The urge was to keep running but Brent convinced me I should walk for a few minutes, at least, to make sure I was okay. I was a bit shaken, bruised, battered, and bloody, but otherwise okay. I had been lucky. My knees didn't feel too great when I ran. I guess I banged 'em pretty hard. Within 5 minutes, I was able to jog without any pain. I knew I hadn't done any major damage.

Once back at home, I cleaned up (after lifting weights first, of course) and took an ice bath to dampen any swelling. The knees look much better today but are a little sore and swollen. It hurts to kneel, making it very hard to pet the bunnies! Some ibuprofen and ice should make me right as rain. I usually take one fall a year (always from running; guess I'm kind of a klutz). I hope this was my one fall!

On that note, remember when we were kids? We used to fall down ALL THE TIME! It was never a big deal. We would get up like nothing happened and keep on playing. We never got HURT! Now, when we fall down, it hurts a lot more. What's up with that?


Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Now that's what trail running is all about. You just have to love playing in the dirt.

Anonymous said...

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