Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Checking In

I can't believe how quickly time is flying by. The holidays, our new apartment, the AHA fellowship (which I submit tomorrow; triple YEAH!!!)...throughout it all, somehow, I've still been working out. And it feels so good. I've hit a rhythm and my workouts help me through my busy days, instead of wearing me out. For the first time in my life, my body is absorbing the large volumes and times without wearing me down. I may still be slow but my endurance has vastly improved, and I feel stronger. I guess this training stuff does work.

Saturday 12/29:
90 mile ride--Last weekend, I rode the train up to Anaheim with a small group, and then we all rode our bikes back. The computer read 90 miles when we returned. I was stoked. That was my longest ride. Ever.
Sunday 12/30:
11 mile hilly trail run--We started in Kit Carson Park and ran around Lake Hodges in Escondido. It was beautiful. I love running in chilly (50s) weather. It took me awhile to warm up (my legs were tired from Sat.) but after 5 or 6 miles, I felt sooo good. It kind of snowballed. I couldn't believe I felt good, and it just made me feel better. Ended the run feeling like I could've run another mile.
Monday 12/31:
Weights and pool swim--Did a workout from "the Book" (Swim Workouts in a Binder). I love that thing. I could swear I'm getting faster in the water!
Tuesday 1/1:
40 mile hilly ride--Kicked off the New Year with 5,000 feet of climbing ("The Great Western Loop") in East County. The views were incredible, the descents were fast (42 mph, baby!), and the company couldn't be beat. What more can you ask for? I actually was sad when the ride ended.
Wednesday 1/2:
Pool Swim and Track Workout--The pool swim was hard (fast middle distance sets--from "the book" again) and the track workout killed me. Talk about feeling the burn!
Thursday 1/3:
37 mile ride--took me awhile to warm up but after I did, I felt great! I have discovered I am a "slow starter." I always feel like crap the first 30 minutes of any workout. Then, it's like a switch is flipped, and I feel great. I pick up the pace, feel strong, and the workout feels easy. What's the deal?
Friday 1/4:
Pool Swim and Easy Run--took it a little easier on both workouts. Yes, that's right, folks. I swam 3 times this week!
Saturday 1/5:
2 hour ride on the trainer--rained all day. Did a tough Spinerval DVD for 80 minutes followed by 40 minutes of spinning to old Tour de France clips. I really missed my long road ride. :(
Sunday 1/6:
13 mile run--I felt so good on this run. The rain stopped just long enough for the run. Tons of people showed up to run with us. I felt strong and ran like I could go forever. I love those days. Then, I crashed that afternoon. Guess that was a long run. Forced myself to go to afternoon Yoga. Guess what? It helped make me feel better. Oh, right.
Monday 1/7:
2900m Masters Swim--It was raining and dark for my first masters swim workout of the year. I swam at my first-ever 6:00 am workout (I'm not a morning person). And it was fine. We did lots of 100m repeats. Was I really swimming 1:50s for my base pace? Clock must've been off. Great to get it over with and not have to rush afterwards. Only thing is...I crash by 9:00 pm like a little kid. Relished in my 6:00 pm massage. I was SO tight! Slept like a baby that night. This was my "off" day.
Tuesday 1/8:
am Bike on Trainer and pm Track Workout--am workout was tough. felt sluggish but got it done. Another "Aero Base Training" Spinerval DVD. Ugh. The track was so crowded tonight. Gotta make room for all the New Year's Resolutions folks. It was motivating for me though. Plus, it was freezing. More motivation to run fast. There were a couple of moments I become lost in the floating movement of my feet, gliding over the surface of the track. That's why I do this....


Rainmaker said...

Wow, that's some unreal numbers for the first week of January...or heck, any week. I'm soooo jealous of your weather and free time.

jameson said...

those are some solid sessions. there's no doubt you will be ready for IMAZ...

Shawn said...

You are really keeping yourself busy these days. Keep up the good work!!!!

Ryan Denner said...

holy volume!

Sara said...

Wow at that week! I feel the same - the first 30 min (or 15 min in the water) are like hell and then I feel like I could just go and go.

Benson said...

Holy crap those are some nice numbers...and nice leg muscles too.

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Nice job with the workouts...and yes, you do have leg muscles.

Coach Tammy said...

Great opening paragraph! I don't feel like I can say that yet, and I'm doing Ironman in... eek.