Wednesday, January 02, 2008

2007 in Review

Phew, what a year! I like to wrap up each year with a thorough analysis. In addition, I like to compare my season to the previous one to check in and see how I'm doing.

In 2006, I had just moved to San Diego and was getting back into shape after falling off the wagon (or is it "on the wagon"?). Anyway, I focused on sprints and Olympics that year and did waaay too many races and not enough training.

In 2007, I moved up to the Half-Ironman distance for the first time. I kicked off the season with CA 70.3 in late March--my first-ever HIM. It kicked my butt. It didn't help that I entered that race completely overtrained and with a nasty sinus infection. Even though it was a tough race, I signed up for IM-AZ for April of '08 the following week. What was I thinking?
Afterwards, I refused to rest and began training for the San Diego Rock 'n Roll marathon in June. In mid-April, I finally realized my sinus infection had become chronic, and I had to bail on the marathon and focus on becoming well again. After 6-8 weeks of rest, multiple doctor visits, antibiotics, and Prednisone, I was ready to start training again. This brings us to June.
After only 4 weeks of training, I raced Camp Pendleton International and had my best-ever Olympic triathlon. I PR'ed and felt great, despite being out of shape! This was a great lesson to learn. After a few more sprint tris and 5ks, I buckled down and signed up for the Soma HIM in Tempe at the end of October.
My training for the 2nd HIM went much more smoothly. I improved on my swimming and biking and maintained my running. I didn't overtrain and felt energized and confident going into this race. The San Diego fires happened the week of this race, threatening to dash my plans. Relentlessly, I made the trip out to Tempe, despite the fires and the heat wave AZ was having. I raced my 2nd HIM in 97-degree weather...and had a blast. I PR'ed on the swim and bike and had my slowest half-marathon time ever but was happy to finish and felt strong at the end.
I could have been miserable but chose to stay positive and had a wonderful experience. I also learned that it's okay to slow down sometimes in order to finish. In addition, although you will have low points in a long race, they will pass if you can just wait them out. These lessons were much more valuable to me in preparation for an Ironman than if I had an easy day and PR'ed.
All in all, it's been a busy and challenging but awesome season. I am 8 weeks into my IM-AZ training plan and right on schedule. I feel strong and confident. I know '08 will be even better than '07. And '07 will be tough to beat! Thanks to all for your unwavering support and motivation through my inevitable ups and downs over the year. Many more to come!

Okay. Now here's the data analysis:

2006 Total Miles

2007 Total Miles

I trumped '06 in all 3! I doubled my swimming, doubled my biking, and increased my running. No wonder I'm getting better in the water and on the bike!

2006 Total Weekly Time

2007 Total Weekly Time

In 2006, an 8-10 hour week was a lot for me. 10-12 was too much. In 2007, I became accustomed to 8-10 hour weeks and was even able to handle 10-12 hour weeks. With a stronger base, I can absorb more training. A definite jump UP! (Note the sinus infection in '07, which caused a drop in training weeks 17-21).

All in all, a great year. IM-AZ, here I come!


jameson said...

congrats on a solid season and good luck with the IM!

Shawn said...

What a great race season you had in 07! Look forward to all the race reports in 08!! Happy New Year!

Sara said...

Wow you did have an very eventful and successful 2007!! It is funny how you overtrained in 2006 yet with less miles and time? Funny how our bodies work like that eh?

8-10 hours a week are the most I ever do now and I hate those weeks even though when I played basketball I averaged 28-35 hours per week - it is no wonder I screwed up my body with so many injuries! Lessons learned!

Rainmaker said...

Nice season! And congrats on a very solid training year by the numbers.

Good luck in 2008!

Wes said...

That's a strong year, and capping it off with a great performance at a half IM is a huge bonus. Can't wait to follow you to IM AZ!!! IM AZ doesn't know what's coming :-)

Marcy said...

;D What a GREAT year chica! Here's to an awesome 2008 and a fantastic IM AZ!!!

beth said...

rachel- it's great to see how much you've improved by staying consistent and putting in time and effort. good luck in 2008!