Sunday, August 27, 2006

TCSD Aquathlon 8-24-06

By the way, the Aquathlon on Thursday was great. As always, I saw lots of great people, which is one of the best reasons to attend these things. I also met new people, including, Paul, which was awesome. Always good to meet fellow bloggers! I had a good, strong swim and run. I wasn't fast but I was steady. My base is still there, and that's what matters. The water was very inviting and warm. I saw lots of sting rays and leopard sharks! They're harmless but they swim in such shallow water; it's kind of freaky to see these long, skinny fish zipping under your arm. Yikes! The run was tough--on sand and a 2-lap course, which is mentally tough. But I actually felt better and better as I ran. I think the first 2 miles for me always suck. I'm such a long, slow distance person now. Guess it comes from the training.

Finish time: ~50 min


IMmike said...

congrats. I'm planning on doing the aquathon next month. Should be a lot of fun.

Paul said...

It was good to meet you and Jason.
Good work out there!