Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Imperial Beach Tri Pics (8/27/06)

Official Results:
TRIATHLON - 1/2K swim, 15K bike, 3.2 mile run
Time Overall 1:19:25
Swim + T1: 0:14:01
Bike + T2: 0:36:11
Run: 0:29:13

Place (not that it really matters):
AG: 10/21
OA: 309/700+

My post-mortem analysis:
My overall time was okay, and I had a good race, felt strong, and had a good time.
My swim time seems really, really slow. But when I figure that it includes T1 and that the surf was especially bad, I guess it wasn't that bad.
Bike: Don't really think I could have done much better. I'm happy with this time for where I am right now.
Run: W.T.F.?! My running has been getting slower and slower. I felt like I maintained a good pace and good form, and I normally don't run almost 10 min/miles. It's way past the time I start hitting the track for some speed workouts!!!


triteacher said...

I'll say your overall time was good - way to go! And I'll be checking back to see that you do those track workouts. ;) Nasty, but man, are they good for you.

Cliff said...

Great pics girl.

DaveActive said...

Great "in the zone" pics Rachel! Sure, you may have felt slower on the run, but that's the cool thing about triathlons -- I think its impossible to get bored because there is ALWAYS something to work on... Good luck on the pier swim this weekend.

Paul said...

Good work. Nice results! Start showing up to track on Tuesday's. Bill's a great coach and there's lots of ppl.

Mon said...

I dunno what the times mean, but it sounds good to me!You remind me of a famous athlete in the pics!

Chris said...

Those are some great pics! How tall are you? You *look* very tall, but it's hard to tell from the pictures.