Monday, February 20, 2006

Just got back from nor-cal. It was freezing there! Okay, I'm a wimp. I've been here a month and I can't stand 40 degree weather already. But it was very unusual!

Today was Jason's 30th b-day. We had a delicious filet mignon dinner with an awesome cabernet wine, fruit, sourdough bread, asparagus, rice with soy sauce, and then fudge cake with vanilla ice cream (candles, icing and all) for dessert. I even sang "Happy Birthday." Then I gave him his gift--a verrrry nice Burberry watch--stainless steel band with a gorgeous champagne face. He really liked it. It was fun.

I've been getting back on track, workout-wise. At my parents, it was freezing and raining. (Also, the coyotes kept me up every night with their bone-chilling, eerie howling). However, I eeked out a 3 mile run on their treadmill after a large lemon chicken dinner followed by generous slices of pumpkin pie for dessert. With a pumpkin pie-laden belly, running was hard, but I did, and that's all that counts.

I saw one of my old friends that I hadn't seen in years. She was one of my bridesmaids, and we went to junior high together. It was so awesome to see her! She's done all these cool things; I'm really in awe. She offered to run with me Sunday morning before I flew back to San Diego. I never would have gotten up to do it otherwise. My mom got me out of bed 10 minutes before my friend got there. Am I 16 again or what? I threw on my running clothes, ate some dry cereal and was ready. It was a tough 4-mile run, but the time passed so quickly because we chatted the whole time. It was great. We ran to this park where my mom used to take me as a baby to feed the ducks. It's along this creek, which was really swollen and angry b/c of all the rain. Also, because the dirt was so moist, the smell of eucalyptus was really thick; I love that sweet, musty smell.

My dad has been bike riding a lot and loves it. He hates running and weight-lifting but riding makes him feel like a kid, and my mom gets off his back about exercising. I am happy because I kind of turned him on to it. He has a Specialized Allez. He loves how it's red and goes really fast. He also puts panniers on it and goes grocery shopping--totally awesome. He just got a bike rack so he can go biking in really rave places. I'm trying to get him to join up with this fun bike club so he can get out more; it's always easier to go with other people. Anyway, I'm excited because he took me to all the bike shops when I was there; he's looking for his 2nd bike already! A trail bike. He really loves the Specialized Rockhopper. I'm so proud of him. He wants it to climb up these steep mountain trails around the house. I'm encouraging my mom to get a bike so they can go out together but she needs confidence. I want her to get a cruiser--she'd be comfortable on that. And my dad could go out with her on some gentle trails with his mountain bike.

Oh, I'm forgetting the best part! They're getting me a bike so when I visit, I can go riding with my dad!!! I figured we'd go out on the road more than anything (plus, it's so easy to rent a mountain bike when you need one) so I decided to go with a road bike. Let's see, nice, comfortable road bike---hmmmm. I decided on the Bianchi Brava--it fits me awesome since it runs a little small (for men); it's steel--comfort, yes; weight? who cares? Components aren't that great but for the price and the amount of time I'll ride it, it totally works!!! Besides, I can always upgrade later. I can't wait!!! I could even sign up for a century ride while I'm there!

Speaking of biking, Jason and I finally took Asphalt and Bluebell (respectively) out for a ride this afternoon (much needed). We went exploring, and it was great! We headed up the coast (gorgeous) and then turned inland, making a huge, 20-mile loop--kind of figuring it out as we went. I had to stop and ask for directions at a gas station once; they were so nice. It was a great confidence builder (and workout). Note to self--need more warm biking clothes, esp. pants. It gets breezy and chilly here, especially at sunset!!!

I spoke to my sister the other night. She may visit for her spring break! I'm so stoked!


Mon said...

While this made me hungry reading about all the food, it was also inspiring from the exercise side!

diebenkorn said...

i was so inspired by you! It was wonderful eating and running, we will definitely have to run the next time we see each other (I'm definitely coming down to S.D. to visit you!)