Wednesday, February 22, 2006

healthier day

Okay, well, I still woke up late and took a late afternoon nap. However, I had 3 square meals, and only a light dessert of some cookies (homemade--sent by my mother-in-law for Jason's b-day; how can I resist that?). I had salmon on toast for breakfast, turkey sandwich for lunch, and for dinner, veggies, fruit, and sushi. I also managed to have an awesome bike on the trainer for a solid hour while watching March of the Penguins. That movie was so awesome! The penguins are amazing!!! Babs and Taz watched too. They liked the penguins as well (but not when they made their eerie calling noises).


Mon said...

Wasn't that the cutest movie? It was so sweet! I just loved it! They have some weird sounds, and they reminded me of people. Their different!

Cliff said...

Oh homemade cookies from mom in law....yeah u must eat those :)

Did u saw the scene where one pengiun was walking up slipped and came down knocking the other pengiuns? They are like bowling pins. Funny :)

diebenkorn said...

i wish i could be as disciplined as you. these last few days i've been so busy/stressed out by work, all i've done is work work work all day, and no exercise. i feel like a gross ugly blob!