Sunday, February 26, 2006

I've been SO tired lately. I'm not sure if I'm going through a phase or recouperating from the move still or what. I don't know if I should see a doc or wait it out. Anyway, I still don't have a doctor here. Sigh. I hate doctor-hunting. I don't really like doctors period. But I haven't really felt as peppy as I normally do.

Lately, I've been trying to get into lab earlier only to have a major late-afternoon slump. I come home around 6 and am too exhausted to do anything but nap. Except my naps are 2 hours and then I don't get to bed early. Then, I wake up early for lab, and the vicious cycle starts all over again. I hate being a night owl sometimes. It makes everything harder and more complicated.

Due to extreme tiredness, I took Thursday off. Friday, I went for an easy run from lab, thanks to a friend at lab who motivated me out of my pre-nap mode. Unfortunately, I didn't make it to the pool afterwards. I just hate the thought of getting wet when it's chilly! I'm such a wimp! For some reason, swimming has the most inertia for me to overcome. Once I'm in the water, it's great. I just have to get into the habit. Anyway, I definitely have to get in the pool a LOT more.

I still feel like I'm just getting back into regular workouts right now. God, it takes forever! I hate how far backwards I've moved since taking a few months off! It's espeically dangerous at this stage b/c, unlike a few years ago, when I knew nothing, I know how much I've lost now. Before, any gain was a great reward. Now, I'm just comparing it to how far I have to go so it doesn't have the same effect. I know I shouldn't do that but it's hard not to. Plus, as soon as I build a little bit of fitness, I have a hard time holding back because I forget that my body still isn't really ready for harder workouts. Then, I end up having some days that are way too hard and the cumulative effects force me to take way too long to recover. I'm having a hard time going easy. I just can't wait to get past this hurdle. I am running a lot better and biking more. I'm also eating much healthier so that's very good. I just have to keep pushing.

Today, we went whale-watching. We went out on this boat into the ocean...which was cool enough in itself for me. We saw all sorts of cool military stuff in the harbor--subs, aircraft carriers, etc. Also tons of sailboats and kayakers. Very cool. Out a ways, we saw 2 juvenile gray whales!!!! We followed them (keeping our distance with the engine on low) and watched them for about 2 hours. It was way cool! We saw them blow spouts in the air and their backs crested in and out of the water. We also saw their tails!!!! 3x! They do this when they dive but these guys were kind of playing because they kept resurfacing! It was so cool. It was really hard to take pics b/c I never knew where they were going to pop up but just seeing them was so cool. On the way back to the harbor, we saw TONS of sea lions. Lying in the sun. They were HUGE! So cool. I loved it. It took a lot out of me though b/c I forgot sunblock and I got a lot of sun. I needed food and a 4-hour nap pronto when I got home. I've been exhausted the rest of the day. (I did manage to clean the apt from head to toe however. Fun Sat. night).


bunnygirl said...

I went whale watching in Provincetown once and it was pretty cool!

I know what you mean about the whole night owl thing throwing things off schedule. When that happens to me, I just force myself to stick to the schedule anyway. I assume that at some point my body will figure out I'm not giving in and will straighten up and fly right. ;-)

Of course if you're trying to fight off a bug, that's an entirely different matter. By all means skip the workouts and rest.

Cliff said...

Whale watching sounds fun. Must be exciting to see such a giant mammal.

Regard the night cycle, yeah I have been through those. And yeah, they are a pain in the butt. Sometimes I have to force myself not take naps at evening so i get to bed early at night and sleep it out.

About your around with it. Maybe u can consider everything new as in new in this year? I know how you feel. When I did my tri i ran a 4:30 min/km. That is after a swim and a bike ride. Now I don't even know if I can do that and wonder how in the world do I do that in the first place.

Then I know, if I train slowly and work on my base, I will get there. Why? B/c i have gone through it once already.

Cliff said...

Oh more note..

make those training fun.. :)..i know it is hard in the pool but I try to make them as fun as possible. Every little gain is a victory :D

Mon said...

Whale watching sounds so cool! We went on a dolphin cruise in VA and I loved it! Whales are so amazing!