Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pick Me Up

Going through a lot of s*it right now. Needless to say, this was timely:

"Hello Rachel,

I'm writing this because I thought you and your readers might want to check out our article "Top 50 Inspiring Blogs by Athletes", wherein Diary of an amateur triathlete is listed at #28 ( http://www.sportspsychologydegree.org/top-50-inspiring-blogs-by-athletes.html#28). Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any feedback. "



Finally, my massage therapist and friend, Jaclyn (http://www.elite-bodyworkers.com/), invited me to be one of the workout models for Channel 5 News' "Beach Body Abs" segment this morning. Look, Ma! I'm on TV!


Christi said...

Congratulations on both great things!

Karen said...

Congratulations - that is fantastic!

Southern Cernock said...

Wow! That's pretty awesome. Congratulations.

Rainmaker said...

That's very cool - you go kettle!

Diana said...

You totally have the makings to become a great kettlebell swinger. You got it half right on the video and you look like a natural. Just make sure you find a certified kb instructor through DragonDoor.com
You won't be disappointed. Not only will they work the body, they work the mind even more-
Great video-congrats on your new fame and on the blog list too. Your blog are very inspirational, look forward to reading them all the time!

Alinda said...

Congratulations!!!! And your persistence with that kettlebell deserves special mention! I was getting tired just looking at you!

Colleen said...

Congrats... that's so cool!

And big hugs to you - hoping things get better!

Andy said...

Hooray! We both made the list! Congrats! and the whole beach body abs model thing was really cool as well :)

Ordinarylife said...

Well done, thats awesome. I would have died of exhaustion 1/2 way through.