Thursday, November 19, 2009

Good Luck!

To everyone doing Ironman Arizona this weekend, I'll be thinking of you. My friend, Anita (#2433), is doing her first Ironman in Tempe this weekend. Her story is very inspiring as she is living below poverty level, on disability due to brain damage she suffered in a car accident as a child. Despite all adversities, she managed to achieve a masters in film-making from the Chicago Institute of Art on a Fulbright Scholarship. Her goal is to make a triathlon documentary. Triathlon has helped give her new chances and heal herself. I found her story so inspiring, I helped her on her Ironman journey by asking the Triathlon Club of San Diego to donate money for her slot. I feel very fortunate to be included in helping her achieve her dream of becoming an Ironman. I know the journey will change her life and give her strength as it did for me. I helped pack her bags last night and had a hard time getting to sleep because I was so vicariously excited. Tears welled up in my throat as I watched her ride away to Tempe this morning. Her journey has begun!

Find out more about Anita here:

Also, good luck to my dear friend, Audrey, this weekend as she does her 2nd 3-Day Breast Cancer Walk. Her sister suffered from breast cancer a few years ago and since then, they have raised money for the Komen Foundation to fight breast cancer and participated in the walk. As my mother suffered from breast cancer (2x), I am personally moved by Audrey's journey. It's no small feat as she will be walking 60 miles in 3-days (that's 20 miles a day for 3 days!). She has been training very hard. I'm so proud of her! Go, Audrey!


Diana said...

2 very inspiring and awesome strong women! Thanks for bringing them both to our attention and best of luck to them both. Look forward to post reports. Please post links to them if you wouldn't mind!

Colleen said...

Sending good vibes to both of your friends... may they both have amazing experiences this weekend! :)

FH said...

Sorry, I know this is rude that I've left two angry comments on your previous posts about Anita Talevski. It is just that, these inspring stories that you wrote about her, they are not truth. That's exactly what she told me in the beginning when she was about to rent my unit. I was touched and agreed to let her in even though her credit check wasn't approved and she doesn't even have a job. I'm not sure how her behavior is in front of you teammates, but I can ensure you, she's totally a jack ass when back to the so called, home. I am just simply glad that I was out of the one year term even though both my roommates and I we've paid tremendous of high costs for living with her, but all is worth it till the end. If you happen to still be friends with her, please tell her, that the roommate she once financially owed and other roommate she once punched, they are all wishing her really well and hoping she'd stop being a liar to spread her childhood trauma stories and taking people for granted!!