Thursday, October 15, 2009

Help Make Ironman for Everyone

This is Anita. She completed the Barely Legal Half Ironman last weekend. I had seen her at several workouts since she is a fellow TCSD member but didn't really know her. I finally had the chance to sit down with her last weekend and hear her story. Anita was in a traumatic car accident as a child, putting her in a coma. Doctors didn't think she would live. But, against all odds, she did; however, she suffered permanent memory loss and brain damage, which she has struggled with her whole life. Despite this adversity, she earned a master's degree in film-making and aspires to make a documentary about how triathlon can change your life. Triathlon has certainly changed her life.

She is currently training for Ironman Arizona this November. Unfortunately, due to her injuries, she is on disability and is barely scraping by. Ironman is extremely cost-prohibitive; however, I wish more people of all economic classes could become an Ironman. Ironman is a life-changing event. The experiences I had and strengths I built through becoming an Ironman (twice) have made me a better person and enriched my life. I will carry that with me for the rest of my life. I want Anita to have the same opportunity to have those experiences and become an Ironman. She believes it will make her stronger and help change her life for the better. I agree, and I want desperately for her to go.

She is raising money for a Community Fund Slot. She needs $1300. Not only does raising money for Anita's Ironman help someone less fortunate than you or I be able to go, but it also raises money for charity. All proceeds go to the North American Sports Fund, which donates to local charities (in this case the Tempe area). Donations will go to charities such as: the American Diabetes Assn., Girls and Boys Club, Phoenix Police Dept., Challenged Athletes Foundation, the Lymphoma and Leukemia Society, and other charities that provide sports opportunities for children. For more information on charities NASF donates to, visit:

Please help Anita reach her dream of becoming an Ironman. Donations are tax-refundable. Visit her website for more info: You can donate directly to her site, or send a check to:

NAS Community Fund
write "Anita Talevski" in the memo
fill out and attach the following form:
Send to:
Ironman World Headquarters
2701 N Rocky Point Drive
Suite 1250
Tampa, Florida 33607


Southern Cernock said...

i agree, it's so empowering. i too wish more people would embrace it

SeekingJustice said...

I've came across with this blog about Anita Talevski, and sadly, amazed how many side of personalities a human could have. Her violent behaivor had once made her roommates checked into ER and oweded thousands of dolloars. Right before her first Ironman contest, Talevski was put in to jail for violently punching her roommate. We are all looking for her now as she had threatening and tourturing us in the house hold. She may be friendly and inspring to you, but to us who paid the rent on he behalf after she refused to pay her share, and punched and pushed by her on a weekly basis, we are seeking justice. Please be caution around her.