Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Prep Phase--My Favorite Season

As I shake off the cobwebs from my long off-season, I began the arduous journey back into Iron-fitness. It seems daunting. Every little workout I do makes my lungs burn and my muscles ache. I feel weak and soft. I hate the off-season. I needed the rest but weeks of unnecessary naps and junk food have taken its toll. Granted, I had a lot of personal crap I was dealing with. At least I took lots of walks. Lots and lots of walks. One week, Travis and I walked 5-7 miles a day. My legs were SO sore! Walking uses totally different muscles than running. Over time, day after day of sleeping in, eating junk food, and skipping workouts, I felt like crap. In all honesty, I felt depressed.

This week, I started working out again. I had forgotten how wonderful it felt to workout upon rising. The rising part, not so fun. But once I was out of bed and moving, I felt so alive. Invigorated. Better than a cup of coffee. The morning workout set the tone for the whole day. Injected me with productive and creative energy. I remembered how much I loved to move, to be active, to feel my body work hard, to break a sweat.

This week, I'm beginning the Prep phase: getting my body used to consistent workouts again. It's my favorite part of the whole season. This will begin my long, slow journey to Ironman Utah. I will post more details on that training plan soon. Of course, I will also have to post my 2009 race season re-cap. Yes, it's that time again. But right now, I'm enjoying the Prep phase. I love how rewarding this phase is. I start from nothing and become an Ironman at the end. I am at the bottom of this steep, impossible mountain, yet I know from past experiences, that anything is possible. That excites me. The Prep phase is full of prospect, potential; it is limitless. I am full of energy, healed, well-rested, and ready to take on new challenges. Finally, the Prep phase doesn't take as much hard work and offers more flexibility than the other phases of training. All that matters is that I get out there and move! Time doesn't matter; I don't even have to work out that much. Because in the Prep phase, the body responds the most quickly to the smallest amount of stress. I'm going to have so much fun.


teacherwoman said...

I agree. Those morning workouts are much better than a cup o' joe!

Wes said...

I shall follow in your footsteps. Soon.... :-)

Tri Buddha said...

Moring workouts are the best. Thanks for keeping me inspired!