Friday, October 02, 2009

The Chocolate Disaster

Brent and I made a pact to swear off sweats, especially chocolate (my downfall), for 6 weeks, starting the Monday after Labor Day weekend. I had read somewhere that it takes 6 weeks to reinforce a new habit. That if you can do something for 6 weeks, after that it gets easier. I had delusions of grandeur. I hoped that after 6 weeks, my nightly cravings for dark chocolate would dissipate, and my eating would be much healthier.

It didn't go so well. The first week was easy. Of course, I can go 10 days denying myself of anything. The following week, I was extremely naseous and sick all week. It was pretty easy to deny myself of all food groups, including chocolate. The 3rd week, things started to fall apart. Every night, I would practically have a fit after dinner, trying not to succumb to deep cravings. They say if you occupy yourself with another activity for 20 minutes, your craving is supposed to go away. LIE! I tried drawing, writing, brushing my teeth, going for a walk, petting the bunnies, even sex. And still, I wanted chocolate. The whole time, I was insanely jealous because Brent was having a much easier go of it. Not fair! He never suffered the chocolate addiction that I did to begin with. It's not comparing apples to apples, if you ask me. It's like asking me to go on a chopped liver fast!

By the 4th week, I succumbed to my persistant and, by this time, all-consuming cravings. I was jittery, anxious, angry and bitter. Was it worth it? I didn't think so. On top of everything, I had lost 5 pounds. Who loses 5 pounds AFTER an Ironman? I had gone into my Ironman very lean to begin with and was now just too skinny. Sub-130 on my 5'8" frame just doesn't look good. I don't like the whole crack whore look.

Brent looked over and appalled asked, "What are you doing?"
All I could do was smile in return, my mouth too full of peanut butter and semi-sweet chocolate chips to answer anything but a muffled, "Rghrmmm."

I've decided denying yourself of any food is a bad idea. Now, I'm going to work on chocolate MODERATION.


hstryk said...

This is my favorite post, ever. Just so ya know. Life is too short not to enjoy the simple things that make you happy IN MODERATION. ;)

LG said...

I whole heartedly agree - MODERATION is the key! now it's just deciding what moderation actually means? i suffer from Cookie Monster affliction.

I have a cookie every day with lunch - and by every day I mean every single day. and not just an oreo size cookie, a big bakery sized cookie which is probably the equivalent of 10 oreos. but i tell myself, it makes me happy and it's better than eating a pint of ben & jerry's. trying to get to every other day though.

Tri Buddha said...

Oh, I can so sympathize with the other comments. I have the same problem with ice cream. You leave me alone with a half gallon of ice cream for more than 15 minutes and there will be none left. That I can promise you! I am surprised I don't weigh 300lbs!

Tri Buddha said...

I need something bad for me... I just wrecked my bike :(

Kate said...

This is EXACTLY what happens when I give up chocolate!

Nicole said...

Oh my gosh! You sound exactly like me!!! haha. I am nearing week two of no sweets, and I am pretty much going crazy! Although it is getting slightly easier to say no to them, it is still HARD! I keep day dreaming of me in my wedding dress in two weeks eating a piece of my lemon raspberry cake AND a piece of my dense chocolate cake at my wedding. I need to fit into my dress for the ceremony, but I am planning on stuffing myself at dinner. That is if I am able to breathe in my dress in the first place!! ;)

A random question: I really want to do my first half Ironman in Switzerland this coming June, and my friend wants to do a marathon in France in April. Do you think that it would be wise to train for these at the same time? Or should I just do a half marathon in March in Paris and the half Ironman?


Sherry said...

Rachel, I am glad that you're starting to feel better... or at least it sounds that way by the tone of this post. Really good to read. :o)

Oh, yes! Moderation! Total key! Total! Although, I am still trying to work on it myself, I'm convined that if I give up sugar totally that I will be 100% miserable, but I also can't continue to live on it as a food group.

Dr. Oz had a show on last week that provided a 28-day plan to kick the sugar habit on the butt. I haven't gone to his website to read it in detail, but if it include being able to some sweets now and then, I'm going to give it a whirl. I don't think I could stick with anything that stated, "banned for life!" What fun would that be, ya know?? :o)

Take it easy, girl!

Diana said...

Chocolate-vs-sex??? Chocolate always wins in the end!!!!
Funny post-love the crack whore comment!

KO said...

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I have your site there, if you don't want it there let me know..


Southern Cernock said...

Great post!