Friday, June 06, 2008

Bike Theft Rampant at UCSD (Campus Police Look Other Way)

Why is this tolerated? I have been actively posting my stolen bike on message boards only to discover a rash of other victims of bike theft. How many bikes have to be stolen for the police to care? Students are advised to ride a crap bike when they go to college because it WILL get stolen. WTF? Why is that okay?

When I reported my bike as stolen to the police they acted like it was my fault. Sorry, Officer. I shouldn't have dressed Bluebell up in such a sexy outfit. I guess she was asking for it. I guess I should let it go. But I'm having a hard time. That bike meant a lot to me. I feel like someone kidnapped one of my pets. We've been through so much together. I am disgusted that she is probably sitting in a pawn shop somewhere.

I called the local bike shops. I've looked on EBay and Craigs List. I posted my bike on Craigs List. I even have the freakin' serial number! Doesn't that count for something? I've stated calling the pawn shops. But there are SO many! What pisses me off is that if 1 person took half-a-day, they could probably track down a dozen stolen bikes. But nobody cares. The nonchalant attitude of the campus police is totally unacceptable.

We should start a group: the Bike Thief Vigilantes. We could set-up a sting--put a really nice bike with a cable lock up at UCSD and hide out in the bushes. When the thieves come, we'd yell: "Swarm! Swarm!" and take them out our way....I think the thieves would prefer to be taken in by the police.

I guess I have to let it go. I'm still in the ANGER phase. I've been reluctanly looking on Craig's List for used road bikes for sale. I'm looking at 2 this weekend. But I don't want another road bike. I just want Bluebell back.


Hoolia said...


That just sucks! It seems like many folks I know are having a run of bad luck and ugliness in their lives. So know that you're not alone. But as a bike lover, I totally feel your pain! I'm always so paranoid about my bike, especially as I come from Santa Cruz, bike theft capital of the world. May the wheel drop out of the front fork when the thief rides it, and may they never be able to smile again without thinking about the bike they stole that caused the broken teeth they now have. Grrr!

Wes said...

I understand how you feel. Not entirely I'm sure, but I empathize. Keep your eyes and ears open, but you got to move on. A small percentage of people in the world suck. Don't let them wag you by your tail!!

Lisa - Slow & Steady said... your bike was stolen?!?!?!? I know this sounds silly, but I lock my commuter bike and everything, but I've never considered that someone would actually steal my bike. I's jsut a bike. Can't whoever stole it get their own darn bike? I don't get it.

Sorry about that. I'd be angry too!!!

Katie B. said...

Last spring I studied abroad in Florence, Italy and a lot of students would buy bikes from local shops to get around. The bike shops would also provide a lock in the price of the bike. By the end of the semester, every one of my friends who had bought a bike had it stolen.

Turns out the store would sell the bikes and then go steal them back and resell them.


Good luck getting it back-- I know how it feels to have something stolen. It is such a violation.

Dave said...

I think you should do something. Bike theft on college campuses are epidemic, and I think you could "work" with UCSD Police to figure out a way to cut it down on your campus.

I had two bikes stolen when I was on campus, both locked properly, AND I caught a guy stealing a bike once too.

As you suggest, you can bait and trap, make a citizens arrest until the campus police show up. But I think you could also make a much bigger movement that would suggest to would be thieves that stealing a bike on the campus of UCSD isn't worth it.

I would get creative, and then write up the ideas for the UCSD Police. How attractive would it be for a student recruiting thing if it could brag about how it invests in bike security and if they could show how bikes are rarely stolen on campus? I think that would be well worth the money invested in it.

As you can tell, I share you pain and I am fired up. Best of luck.

kerrie said...

i am so sorry - it seems like you have had to deal with a lot of crap lately! i once had my bike 'stripped down' when it was locked up cause they couldn't steal it and i felt so violated!!!

i know things will turn around for you soon - keep believing in karma and doing the right thing :).

Coach Tammy said...

That sucks! I'm sorry for your loss :( This, and Kerrie's post above, are exactly why I don't use my bike more for transportation. Too bad we can't be like Amsterdam and just have "city" bikes everywhere for people to ride to and fro... of course, they ain't carbon fiber baby. LOL.

Just know, what comes around goes around. The thief(s) will get their's in the end (hopefully literally!).

Highwaymunky said...

There is a special place in hell reserved for bike thieves. My anti theft system is not to go for a massive heavy lock but I use 4 lightweight smaller locks. Theory being is that it takes me ages to get them on and off a thief should be put off by the quantity of locks. Unless they all carry really big bolt cutters?? ..... Bastards!!

triguyjt said...

yes, it really sucks....

there is a chance that it could still turn up.

just don't let a few a-holes ruin your free spirit..your sense of adventure. easy for me to say, but i really hope you can process the anger and move on... good luck

Mon said...

that really stinks someone had to take your bike! it ticks me off taht people cant staand for others to have anything! or work to support themselves, and their habits. hope you find it!

DMD said...

We just had a road bike stolen in La Jolla so if you have any suggestions on who to contact in the area in case it is being sold, please let us know.

MelbourneShuffler said...

Ive got my bike stolen just know.

I am confused by this...
What am I gonna do?

Red and White GIANT OCR3
Front light and Red tale light
32c marathon tires

Anonymous said...

Have you tried Bike Shepherd? We've recognised that police forces don't have the resources or don't give priority to bike theft. Rather than rely on them, here's a 10 Tip List on what to do to get stolen bikes back.

Also, you can register, list, search and view stolen bikes. Hope this helps.