Thursday, June 05, 2008

Bike Experiment Suspended...For Now

I really wanted to ride today. Especially after Bluebell got stolen. It takes more than that to keep me down. I can't believe my bike got stolen. I could have so easily accepted a ride from my prof. But I was trying to make a statement. Now, more than ever, I want to commute, if only to show the f*&$ing thieves they haven't won.

However, I woke up with a fever. The cold has moved to my chest. I called in sick and slept in bed all day. So, because of my nasty cold, I have decided to postpone the bike experiment to a later date...when I'm healthy. Sigh. It's been a tough week. Maybe it's a sign. Why do I have to be sick on top of all of this? It makes me angry. Livid. I feel like I've been kicked while I'm down one too many times. And now I'm pissed. I'm back on my feet and ready to fight again.

I've been checking Craig's List and E Bay in a desperate attempt to find Bluebell. I've been reluctantly looking at used road bikes. I need to replace her. But in the end, the search saddens me more because I realize I just want Bluebell back. Nothing can replace her. Unfortunately, my renter's insurance isn't going to cover it since I was robbed less than a month ago. They threatened to drop me. So the replacement bike will be out-of-pocket. Such is life.

I posted the stolen bike on Craig's List in hopes that someone may find it.
Here's the ad:

Stolen Road Bike

Reply to:
Date: 2008-06-05, 10:17

My bike was stolen from UCSD between 12 and 1 pm on Wednesday, June 4th. If you have any information, please contact me.

Description: blue aluminum road bike with carbon fork
Model & Make: Felt F70
Size 52 cm
Tires are 700s; front is black and back is blue; brand is Vittoria Diamente Kevlar
Shimano 105 components
27-rear cassette with compact cranks
Look Keo sprint clipless pedals
Black BG women's geometry seat w/cut-out
Mounted w/front and rear lights
Also equipped with bike computer (Cateye double wireless rear-mount)
Serial Number: A308590681

I bought her in 2004 but have kept her in excellent condition. She was my first road bike. Her name is Bluebell. I miss her very much.


beth said...

rachel..this is a tough week, month, year! for
just remember this,

"when life kicks you in the ass, make sure it kicks you forward".
that is my favorite quote ever and it is from Gregg, one of the trainers on the oh so deep Bravo show, "workout". ha.
i know you're sick-- but you still riding on saturday? i was going to join the fun!

Dave said...

Sorry about blue, and your fever. Smile and get well soon!


MJ said...

It doesn't sound like the experiment was suspended.... you didn't use a car to stay home did you?

I count it as another day of not burning fossil fuels. Good job.

Good luck with the bike search.

GZ said...

Keep your chin up, keep on making lemonade out of the lemonds you are dealt.

Wes said...

Triple Grrrr! I hope you feel better :-)

RoadBunner said...

The closing of your craigslist ad made me teary. I'll cross my fingers that somehow you get her back.

Formulaic said...

I was so sad to hear about Bluebell.

You guys have been through so much.

I hope you find her or you find another soulmate.

Feel better!

Shan said...

Keep your head up girl!!!!! All these little "tests" - sickness, stolen bike, etc is making you STRONGER as an individual.

It really irks me how many bikes get stolen on the UCSD campus. So many people I know have been robbed some way or another (even computers in our lab!!) - nothing is safe here! Which is kind of strange considering the campus is filled with people all day long. How does someone get away with all these bikes? Someone else in our club got their bike stolen on campus this week too!!!

Sending you happy, healthy and energetic thoughts!!


Judi said...

OMG I feel so bad for you. That just totally sux.

Renters Insurance Quotes said...

Bummer! I hope you find her!