Thursday, May 08, 2008

And The Winner Is....

Thanks to everyone who played "Guess the Temperature"
on race day in Tempe.
The official high reported on for Sunday, April 13th in Tempe, Arizona was 94 degrees Farenheit. My total time was 14:40:47. Here were your answers:

1. Cvsurf guessed 96 degrees with a time of 13:42.
2. Sara guessed 93 degrees and 13:54.
3. Shawn guessed 100.3 degrees. Thankfully, it wasn't that hot!
4. Chad in the Arizona Desert guessed 97.
5. Wes guessed 94 degrees and 13:31.
6. Azra from the homeland (Tempe) guessed 95.
7. Jay guessed 96 degrees.
8. JeffM guessed 98 degrees.

And the lucky winner is.....(drumrull please).....
Wes from Woostock, Georgia! He will receive a brand-new Tri Club San Diego visor autographed by muah! What a lucky fellow!

Thank you all for playing! Stay tuned for more games and prizes to come!


Wes said...

Yay! I was afraid you might send me an Ironman hat and then I wouldn't be able to wear it until November. This is even better! Woot!!

Ryan Denner said...

muah? You must mean moi. Unless, you are giving that guy a kiss, then it might be mwah!

I am such a nerd!

Shawn said...

WTG Wes! An autographed visor from an Ironman...awesome! Yeah I am glad it was not 100 degrees out there.

triguyjt said...


94 degrees!!! i heard it was brutal...biggest dot m drop out rate they said...
man you are tough...props to you..

i think in honor of the 94 degrees you should send wes a tub filled with ice

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

The question that a race-worn hat and is there a certificate that comes with it? ;-)

Wes, we don't want so see you hawking that thing in Ebay, either.

JeffM said...

I'm glad my 98 was wrong. Great sprint race, you recovered well.