Thursday, December 28, 2006

Stomach Bug for X-Mas and Flatted on the Trainer

Just back into town and am recovering. From what, you say? Well, turns out, I got another stomach bug. Thanks Santa! My Mom had a cold when I visited, and I think I got it from her, and it morphed into a stomach-thing. All I know is that I've been dizzy with a nasty headache and very upset tummy for the past few days. Great way to melt off those extra, unwanted holiday pounds! Not.

Luckily, this is a much-needed R&R week. I wonder if I've been pushing it and this is my body's way of telling me to rest. Funny that the bug coincided on an R&R week. Good planning, don't you think? I've been noticing the cumulative toll of my workouts--feeling very sluggish and slightly cranky.

Last week, I actually got all my workouts in. The bikes were short b/c we were forced to go on the trainer a lot but the past couple of weeks, the mileage has been really high. Besides, I still got on the bike and rode the crap out of it 3 times. I did the best I could, and I know it will be fine come race day.

We actually went in the ocean for a short swim last Thursday. I woke up so dizzy I could barely walk. I think it's an inner ear thing. Let's go swimming in the ocean! Smart, eh? Well, I felt much better that afternoon, took some Sudafed and wore earplugs. The surf was a bit rough, and it was disconcerting that no one else was in the water. At least the lifeguard would have a good view of us! I was worried it would be really cold. The temperature report had said 59 degrees--the coldest I have been in. No worries! With my wetsuit and thermal cap, I was toasty! It was fantastic. I was elated. I can swim in cold water...with the right equipment.

Friday morning, I dragged myself out of bed at 6 a.m. for a morning bike ride up the coast before our flight later that morning. I had it timed perfectly. I was so proud for getting up early too; I had been up later than I wanted the night before packing and getting ready to go, and I'm not a morning person. As I'm getting dressed and getting our water bottles ready, Jason opens the door. It's pouring outside. Just pouring. Around here, that doesn't mean much. I figure it will stop in 10 minutes. We have to be back by 9 a.m. so I continue getting ready. If I have to cut the ride a little short, that will still be okay. Then, I realize I have a flat. What? My last ride was on the trainer. I think I'm the only person ever to get a flat on the trainer. Call Guiness. So I changed it, feeling the rage creep up my shoulders. Not fair! I put all this time and energy into my last long ride before going out of town and now this! Luckily, I'm pretty good at changing flats so 10 minutes later, we were heading out the door. A little rain wasn't going to stop me. We finally get outside, and the skies open up again. Pouring again. I think God was trying to tell me something that day. A bike ride just wasn't in the forecast. Some of you toughies may revel riding in the rain, but not me. Slippery, wet, cold...forget about it. I turned to Jason and motioned with a hand under my throat...Cut it. I went back inside and hooked my bike up to the trainer for really hard trainer ride and rode out the rage. It worked. By the time I was getting off at 9 am, I felt much calmer. Of course, that's when the skies cleared, the rain stopped, and the sun came out. Very weird.

Sunday, we went on our long run. 5 miles out and 5 miles back for a total of 10 miles on the Los Gatos Creek Trail. Gorgeous, no traffic, along a creek, mostly flat--it's perfect. For some reason, I felt verrrry sluggish. Cumulative fatigue from multiple workouts? I got through it but it was challenging. Normally, I'm in a very lively group for my long runs, and I think this usually helps the time go faster too. Whatever it was, I felt very sloooow. It's frustrating. I've been working so hard and getting slower and slower. I realize I'm training for a long distance and have to give up my speed but I didn't realize how much! I used to be able to maintain 9 min/miles for my half-marathon pace. Now? It's 10. Yes. 10. That sucks! I'm very frustrated b/c I KNOW I used to be able to go faster. I'm having a difficult time coming to grips with this.

This run concluded the final Base1 week, which was lucky. I was too sore from the run on Monday to do anything. Plus, a nasty headache that wouldn't go away crept up. Jason and I took my Dad's bikes out for a very nice, relaxing ride on Tuesday but I didn't feel any better afterwards. Wednesday, the stomach bug came. Today, I feel better but I'm SO tired! The headache is finally gone, and the stomach is only twitching ocassionally so I think it's mostly through. Argh. So frustrating. This training stuff is really getting to me.

Other than that, our trip to see my folks was very relaxing and non-eventful. Very nice Christmas. Santa was good to me this year. It's nice to be home with the bunnies again. Oscar was very cute when I got home. Bouncing all around me like a little puppy. I think they missed me. I'm working on my New Years' Resolutions. I love New Years. Fresh start. I'm looking forward to it.


jameson said...

be careful swimming around in the winter. I woulnd't even think about swimming 72 hours within any kind of rain. Here's a good site to check the water quality.

Zoo said...

still don't understand how you could flat on the trainer...messed up. Sucks that you're sick. Get better!

RunBubbaRun said...

Hope you are feeling better.

The theory of training slower to eventually get faster still seems foreign. But they say that is the way to go. So don't worry the speed will come back.

A flat on a trainer, definetly a 1st.

Good job on the training

JeffM said...

It's amazing the way you keep going even when you're sick!
Hope you get better.

Zoo said...

just wanted to say happy new years! And hope you're feeling better.

Tammy said...

Happy New Year Rae! :))