Saturday, December 16, 2006

Gratuitous Bunny Pics!!!

So much to blog about but I've decided the buns haven't had enough press lately. So here you go!

Top: Babs grooming herself. Bottom: Taz squished behind the couch for a nap (he's
jammed in so tight, he had to back out).

Top: Oscar in his box for his nap, in a very grumpy mood. When I tried to get a better pic, all I got was a grunt.
Bottom: When Jason has the camera, Oscar is a ham!

Top: Babs contemplating where she's going to lick next.
Bottom: Taz behind the sofa for a nap (day 2).
Guess he likes to be squished.


bunnygirl said...

Sweet bunnies! Yay! Tidbit sends greetings and bats her eyes at Oscar!

JeffM said...

Cute bunnies! Maybe they're hiding from your camera because they remember the bike trainer incident.:)

Zoo said...

LOL, OMG, I didn't know what that was in the first picture, didn't realize it was a bunny till I scrolled down some more. I didn't realize they could be let out like cats.

Also, about your last comment on my blog, they didn't say they wanted another two interviews with me, they said they had two other interviews scheduled with two other potential employees.

Rita said...

Oh my gosh! Cute little scoopers! AWWW! :]

Tammy said...

The Buns appear to be camera shy ;)

Happy Holidays!