Sunday, December 31, 2006

2007 Resolutions

Happy New Year!!!

Here's to a fresh start and many great opportunities in 2007!

Resolutions 2006 Recap:
Before I dive into 2007 resolutions, I want to reflect on how I did in 2006.
These were my resolutions:
1. Regular exercise and healthy eating.
2. Early to bed and early to rise.
3. Be independent.
4. Less is more (Quality not quantity).

I have to say I did pretty damn well on these! I'm kind of proud of myself, if I do say so myself. I have #1 completely covered. I had taken a break and allowed my fitness to slide while I defended my thesis in St. Louis. I resolved to get back into shape, and moving to San Diego and entering the crazy-hot world of triathlon here fixed that.

For #2, this has been on my resolution list for several years in a row. I finally am getting this one down. Sounds so small, but I am ecstatic about it. Figuring out I was fighting a lot of fatigue because of low thyroid was a big step in the right direction. Half-IM training did the rest. So did signing up for an a.m. spin class.

I am definitely better at being more independent. After moving to a new place, it can be intimidating figuring out where everything is since I didn't know anyone. I've met so many people through joining the tri club. That was a great decision. With Jason in graduate school, I often have to go it alone when he gets swamped studying. I went on lots of solo bike rides (with cell phone handy for emergencies) in '06. The pinnacle was flatting, fixing it, and continuing on my way all by myself.

For the "less is more" resolution (more of a mantra), I am definitely better at dropping the "all or nothing" attitude. Sometimes, work gets hectic or life gets in the way. Fitting in a little workout is better than none at all. I'm not perfect at this one (I still want to do it all), but I'm definitely better. The key is being flexible. It's always better to do 1 workout if 2 doesn't fit in. If I have to cut it a bit short on some days, that's okay too. The key is to find a balance.

2006 was a very busy and hectic year for me. I finished my Ph.D. and moved from St. Louis to San Diego. Then, I started my post-doc at Scripps. But it was a great year. I handled the transition very smoothly. After 1 year, thanks to all the activities I was involved with, I definitely feel like this is becoming my new home. I have a great feel for the area, have made some great friends, and things will continue to build from here. It should get easier since I expect fewer drastic changes in '07.

2007 Resolutions:
Here they are!

1. Keep on truckin'.
I am giving myself a pat on the back for '06. I want to continue on my path and keep on doing the same thing b/c it's obviously working. This includes continuing to incorporate the '06 resolutions and making the ones that have gotten better second-nature.

2. Notice the magic in my life.
Things become mundane as I keep to my routine. However, there are signs all over the universe that I am on the right path. I want to continue to watch for these signs, listening for guidance, and following the core spirit inside.

3. Be patient.
I'm not a patient person by nature. I'm actually better than I used to be but I could definitely work on this one more. Things take a long time to develop: relationships, fitness, research. Specifically, my research. I'm taking it as a sign to be patient, stay in the moment, and accept that it's okay for things to be a little slower. There is still progression even if I'm not speeding ahead. And taking things in a little bit more of a slower stride can actually be a good thing.

4. Have less rage (be more positive).
I have adopted a short temper as of late. Little inconveniences can set me off and make it really hard to regain sanity and peace. In addition, it can be very unpleasant for those around me. So if a rain changes my bike plans or if someone takes my parking space, I will work on letting it bother me less. Whoever pissed me off probably did it inadvertantly anyway. There's really very few things that justify becoming enraged in life. This sort of goes hand-in-hand with the patience resolution.
a. Along the same line, I will also try to be more tolerant and accepting of others and not jump to judgements about strangers because of what they're wearing or their haircut.
b. Finally, I will try to be less "affected" by others. Who cares what others think? They're probably not thinking anything anyway (I've always been a bit sensitive).

5. Give back.
One way I used to have less rage and be more positive was by volunteering. In St. Louis, I volunteered for the House Rabbit Society, an organization that rescues rabbits and educates people about what great pets they make. I miss volunteering. I don't have a ton of time but I think I could carve out some time each month to give back and lend a hand. I love animal rescue so I'm definitely leaning that way. One organization around here that I'm really interested is Project Wildlife ( For one, you can't adopt a wild animal so my menagerie is sure to maintain its current number. In addition, if I see something I can do on a daily basis to make this a little bit of a better place to live, I want to do it. Smile at strangers, hold the door for people carrying bags, the simple everyday things that are so easy to do but so easily missed. Finally, I am going to start recycling again (now that I know the recycling center is at the community center behind our apartment!).

6. Finish my long-term to do list.
I have many lists, and they really help me stay organized. My short-term to do list always gets done. But when something seems like a bigger task, I delegate to the long-term list where it stays indefinitely. Some items have been on this list for years. In '07, I plan on freeing myself by tackling these items for good.

7. Organize my finances.
I have a "budget" but its more like an account of my spending. I want to pay more attention to my spending habits and pay off our credit card debts. I want to work on saving a bit more and avoiding wasteful spending. For one, I plan on eating in more and cooking more. Less Starbucks! Finally, I want to open a 2nd savings account and put a small percentage in there each month for fun/extraneous items. Instead of charging it, I can look in the savings account for my "allowance" for things like clothes, books, or eating out.

Happy New Year, everyone!


TriBoomer said...

All are worthy goals. Best wishes in keeping your resolve.

Happy New Year!

Stay tuned...

JeffM said...

Happy New Year!
All worthy, but number 4 is crucial. Unfortunantly I didn't realize it fully until the late 30's, makes a big difference when stuff rolls off like rainwater.

Bolder said...


on both '06 and '07 accounts!!

i think i'm just going to adopt your list!!!

Jenö said...

Congrats on the resolutions - both for 06 and for 07! All the best for a happy and healthy New Year!!

Cliff said...

Happy new year..

Patience.and less rage...i find it the most challenging dealing with parents and family when it comes to rage.

Kate said...

Great ideas- I can learn a lot from those!

qcmier said...

Way to be resolute. Happy New Year!!!

Triteacher said...

Oh, wince. Your "budget" sounds like mine, but I wasn't going to call myself on it. Now I shall.

Also, what a neat resolution - to be more independent. Glad to hear you were successful with it. I know how difficult that can be!

Anonymous said...

You can't have a resolution "finish long-term to-do list" along with "less is more". How about "dare to start big projects"? Anyway, even small-project to-do lists aren't meant to be finished. You take one down, and by the time you finish, there's another one or more in its place.