Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Updates--crazy lady, airhorns, fire alarms, and more

Just thought I'd update everyone on things I mentioned in previous posts. Remember crazy lady who screamed obscenities day and night, keeping everyone awake? (Hence, crazy cat lady pic from the Simpsons). After many complaints, management finally evicted her. Turns out, she actually was crazy, not just going through a bad break-up or something. She had been living in an institution, which her parents had financed. I guess living in an apartment (by herself) was the next step. Seems kind of stupid to me. I'm glad she's gone but I get the creeps just thinking about it. We all thought she was just blithering on the phone to someone but now that we know she was legitmately crazy, I get the shivers every time I think about because...just who was she talking to?

You'd think things would be quieter but now we have some asshole blowing an airhorn every half-hour after 11 p.m. because he thinks it's funny, I guess. To make matters worse, the fire alarm has gone off at least once a day for the past week. Seriously. I'm going to literally get a shot-gun and blow these idiots away. Then I 'll be the crazy one. I can't wait till the college kids go home for the summer. It's like living in a dorm or something here. The poor buns.

Training has been going well. I looked over my stats again and realized I was being kind of hard on myself. Some of those dips and valleys are also due to a strained rib muscle and knee and foot problems. I had forgotten that. I am feeling great lately during my workouts. Strong and injury-free. It's funny how I used to take that for granted.

I finally got my orthotics yesterday and tried them out on the treadmill today. The Super Feet (OTC) orthotics had helped a lot but I knew I was still supinating. I love the orthotics. I feel much more stable in them! The guy who made them was really great. He used to be a runner so he totally understands the importance of good biomechanics. I feel like everything is a go with the running.

I have a new running partner! A girl about my age from the tri club was looking for someone to train with for an upcoming half-marathon at the end of August (Ameria's Finest City Half Marathon). I had been thinking about it anyway, and since Bay to Breakers had gone so well and that had been 7.4 miles, I figured, what the hey. She was nice enough to meet me at the apartment last weekend and we went for a 5.5 mile trail canyon run. It was fantastic to have the motivation to wake up early on a Saturday! We went at 8, and we both admitted we would have never done it so early without having someone to hold us accountable. It was HOT too (for San Diego) so it was nice to get it over with. We live in the same area, run about the same frequency, volume, and mileage, are about the same age, and even get similar injuries when we overdo it. How rare is that? I'm totally psyched. We're trying to make it a routine weekend thing.

The half-marathons are addictive. After watching the San Diego Rock 'N Roll Marathon this past weekend, I totally want it to be my first next year. I want to build up my base and get some more halves under my belt this fall. Plus, I want to do a half-IM next year (gulp) so it'll be good for tri training too. There's the San Jose Half Marathon in October, near where my folks live and also the Silver Strand Half Marathon in November right here in my own neighborhood. Of course, there's also some half marathons in April in La Jolla and Carlsbad so there's tons of options.

I totally revamped my bike. I'm so proud of myself. Although I'm still having a hard time getting all the dirt and grease out from under my fingernails, I did everything myself. I got new fancy-schmancy racing tires (Vittoria Diamente, or something. Hey, it's Italian, so it's gotta be good, right?). They were so much easier to get on than my old tires! It was luxury. Plus, I didn't need tire levers, nor did I rip my tubes! That's a step up for me. I felt like a pro. I noticed the rim tape on my bike tire looked a little worn. I'm going to have to keep an eye on it. Next flat I get, I'm putting new tape in. (I just pray it's not during a race.) The really creepy thing is--the tube in the front tire is the original tube that came with the bike--3 years ago! How weird is that? I kept it in. Maybe I should have retired it but it's lasted that long. I figured it deserves to die on the battlefield. I also put on new bar tape with a luxurious gel pad underneath and totally cleaned the chain with a brush and cleanser before putting new dry lube on. It was way fun. I like playing with the bike.

As far as seasickness goes, I'm going to brave the ocean (well, okay, the cove) again this Friday with the club. I've asked around and by far, the most common answer to my seasickness question has been--earplugs. So I'll return to the cove again, this time armed with earplugs. I'm very determined. Never give up!

As far as not swimming enough? Well, I've been working on that too. I swam on Monday in the pool and was amazed at how sore my shoulders were from Sunday's ocean swim. It was weird because when I was in the ocean, I didn't feel like I was working at all, even though I had to swim agains tthe current and fight the swells (and seasickness). But I was definitely feeling it Monday, especially in the pool. I'm determined to start getting into the pool more. My endurance is definitely getting better so it's getting more fun. I've looked into convenient pools where I can easily swim in the area. The Shiley Health Center has a decent lap pool within walking distance of where I work so I'm going to check it out. They open very early in the morning. I could easily swim before, during, or after work, which would be a HUGE plus. I could even do a lunchtime swim, which has always been my dream. I could even do my own practice makeshift triathlon, right from work. Swim in the pool, bike up the coast, and run at Torrey Pines. Okay. I'm getting ahead of myself.

I ended the day with a backwards brick: run on the treadmill 4 miles and short bike on the trainer 35 minutes. Every bit counts. Plus, the trainer is like bad medicine. It improves my form and makes me stronger on the road. However, going outside is always more fun.


Jack said...

Wow, the new training partner sounds fantastic. Tonight I am running for the first time with a coworker, this will be a new experience for me - he is a cyclist, but is thinking about doing his first Tri in September. Maybe he will talk me into it too ;-)

Cliff said...

Sounds u are gettting everything together Rae. Good stuff.

As for swimming enough, take a note on how your shoulders feel. For the past few weeks, I have been swim focus and there are days when i bail out on a swim b/c my shoulders and rotating cuff are sore.

Gradually though, your body will get use to swimming more often and longer.

Do u want to play with my bike....i don't even put on the bike tape myself :) do u take out your tires without a tire lever??

jessie_tri_mn said...

Sounds like you need earplugs not only during your swim but in your apt as well!

I hadn't thought of the earplugs to thwart off sea-sickness. I wear them in the pool to avoid sinus & inner ear I suppose it logically makes some sense.

Jessi said...

Isn't it so much more fun (and so much easier to motivate) when you have training buddies? This morning I realized that the majority of my workouts are now with other people. Me likey. :)

Barb said...

The running partner sounds great! It will help you stay motivated!

I just finished my first Half Marathon and I'm all excited to do another one this fall. Should be perfect timing after Tri season!

JeffM said...

It's hard to find someone who does the same freq and speed as yourself that's cool. Should feel like a new bike!

Mike said...

Whoa- crazy neighbor lady was really crazy!?!? Yikes...sounds like you have some issues there glad to hear she's out and hopefully gets some help!
Glad to hear your training is going well and *knuckle bump* on the bike maintenance....can I bring a couple of mine over for the same treatment!? ;-)

theseamonster said...

"Vittoria Diamente" Those are the same tires I have that came stock on the Sea Horse. I think that's Italian for "Flat On Every Ride." Just kidding, they're not that bad, and if I do flat in a race, being able to remove/install w/out tire levers might come in handy.