Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Official Race Results, Analysis, Future Plans

Thanks for all the great comments and support! It's very motivating. The official results are in. Pics are coming very soon!

Swim: 0:23:48 (1000 m) (2:35/100 m)
T1: 0:04:03
Bike: 0:59:27 (23 mi) (23.5 mph)
(Note--this seems way off. I've never gone that fast in my life. My computer registered 18 miles by the end, which would make my average speed more like 18.4 mph--much more on par with what I would expect).
T2: 0:04:39
Run: 0:55:23 (6.2 mi) (6.7 mph or about 9 min/mile)
Total: 2:27:20

I'm actually pretty happy overall. It was a short Olympic, but my first one nonetheless, and I did my best. It'll be a good benchmark.
Swim--I normally swim much faster. In training, at a steady-state pace, I normally clock 2 minutes per 100 m. It seems weird that I swam 30 seconds slower per 100m on race day. The swim felt very hard. I felt like I was going slower. Could there have been a deceptive current? Also, the course felt really long. I heard a lot of people say it was the longest 1000m they'd ever seen/swam. I'm going to chock this up as a fluke.
Bike--Couldn't have gone any better. I was really happy with it. Much faster than I normally train at, even if you account for the short course.
Run--I ran about as well as I could have expected. Especially considering my fatigue. I used to be faster though so I'd like to build my endurance up and practice more long, run-focused bricks to work on the fatigue and the pace a little. However, the pace I put in was about the pace at which I've been training so you can't really ask for any more than that.
Transitions--Definitely needs work here. I'm a little embarrassed. Then, I remembered that my spot was realllly far from everything. About as far away as you could get. Lots of people in my wave had 4 min transition times. However, there's no excuse for 30 extra seconds in T2. This should have been 30 seconds faster, considering all I have to do is put on my shoes and go! Quick-tie laces are definitely a must. I'll have to start using them. Other than that, I just need to practice going quickly. I think I was too calm in the transitions.
Summary of things to work on:
  • Mostly, keep doing what I've been doing--consisent training and having fun with it.
  • Work on swimming endurance.
  • Work on running endurance and speed, especially running off the bike when legs are fatigued.
  • Practice faster transitions.
  • Biking--keep on truckin'.

Future goals:
Besides do as many races as I can manage this year? I'd love to get faster and stronger in the sprints and Olympics. I love the Olympic distance because you can really enjoy yourself and relax a bit more but it's still not impossible.

There are too many races to do! My next 2 races are the Carlsbad Sprint Tri July 9th and Camp Pendleton International Tri the week after. After that, I was thinking of doing the Imperial Beach Sprint Tri at the end of August as well as America's Finest City 1/2 marathon August 20th. September brings about the La Jolla Rough Water Swim and the Rosarita to Ensenada bike ride. October is Reebok's women's tri in Mission Beach. Other possibilities include the Solana Beach Tri in July and the Mission Beach Sprint Tri in Oct but the bikes on these seem really short (9 miles or so) so I haven't decided. I have to see how I feel so I don't over-race. Is there such a thing?

However, half-IM is defintely in the future. I'm thinking of commiting to one next season (gulp!). Maybe Ralph's half-IM (Oceanside) at the end of March? I'm already doing some 1/2 marathons late summer/early fall, and I'm hoping to do the 50-mile Rosarita to Ensenada bike ride in the fall as well as the La Jolla Rough Water Swim (1-mile) in September so it seems like all that's left after that, is putting those phases together. I want to be over-ready for my first 1/2 IM so I know going in that I can do it. I want to feel "good" (as good as you can feel after such a thing) at the end.
I have so many questions to ask in preparing for this future race. How much do you need to train? How far should you be able to bike and run (more than what's called for on race-day)? How do you hydrate and replenish glycogen before, during, and after? Do I need to get a tri-bike? I definitely think I will at least get some aero bars for my current bike (short ones so as not to mess with the geometry too much). As usual, I have lots of psychoanalyzing, planning, stragezing, note-taking, chart-plotting, etc... to do before I do this.


Jack said...

I love psychoanalyzing, planning, stragezing, note-taking etc. I am working on my "after action report" for my 50-miler this week. I store everything in my running log and find the information useful sometimes when planning a new event or strategy.

jessie_tri_mn said...

No good tri geek would embark on training for anything without an arsenol of charts and graphs :)

I can't offer much advice on the longer distances -- but will look forward to your analysis!

Looks like a busy rest of the summer for you. I suppose one can over race, just make sure you're gettin adequate recovery between the races.

Jenö said...

Good job at the race, particularly on the bike! I guess the long haul to the transition area is one of those things that has to be put under "expect the unexpected". Well done!

As for analyzing, planning and reviewing the hell out of everything, I am guilty of the same, and I have a feeling that we're not alone! I think it's part of the fun!!

Joseph Vinciquerra said...

Awesome job! And data? Mmmmmm.... Data.

Cliff said...

You did great.

You kill the bike course. I mean it is DEAD :). Speedy.

As for transition times, I am working at that as well. If u see the pros do it, they do it under a min. That's my goal.

Not to be fast but be smooth. If I am smooth, i will be fast. But if i am fast, I can rush things which is easier to mess thing up.

The biggest change I did this year was not wearing socks while cycling. Helps a lot in reducing T1 time (wet feet + socks = lots of time wasted). Once I get to T2, I put on my socks and runners.

Quick lace will do the trick, I had them this year and they were speedy.

Paul said...

Good analysis of your race. Come out to the club races to practice transitions or watch others (it's free). They usually have transition clinics before the beginner races. Note since I'm new to this as well I go to those. I've gotten my transition times very close to the elite AGers.

Lace locks are key. I like them over the elastic laces. My problem with the laces was they expand when your foot strikes the ground and you need to pull them too tight to get the right fit. (but that's me)

You only need socks for 1/2 IM or longer. Train without socks once in a while on rides/runs. If you must use socks roll them up like a condom. Then you just unroll them onto your feet! T2 for me with socks is usually 1 min or less.

You should have a systematic plan you execute for every race. Think through your motions as you are on the way to or from your bike. Get your feet out of your bike shoes before you get off the bike and enter T2. I still have to put my bike shoes on before biking...I can't get my feet on top of them yet without making a mess.

I'll see you at the Carlsbad sprint. It should be a fun race!

Mike said...

Isn't it great how you were so stressed pre-race only to turn it around and have a great race. Great race report and way to keep pushing to the finish on the run while dealing with the stomach issues!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you're like a racing machine. Pendleton's coming up :-). Check out Big Kahuna 1/2 Iron tri in september. Full-on aloha spirit and a luau! All on/near the beach in Santa Cruz (prolly some hills though, I haven't checked the course yet).

JeffM said...

Great bike time for either distance. Really good run speed, especially for your first Olympic. Some fantastic transition hints in the comments!

Barb said...

I think your race times look AWESOME! I'd be very happy with those results!

Once you use some kind of speed lace system, you'll never go back! I use Yanks and they have kept my shoes perfectly comfortable.

Especially in a large transition area, placement is important. Guess that's a reason to get there earlier in the morning. Arg!

Very nice job!

Jodi said...

Awesome race, girl! I am so impressed. You have a very tough race calender this month. Keep us posted!

qcmier said...

Great thoughts!!! Don't forget to have fun out there.