Sunday, January 09, 2011

Happy New Year!

Yes, I'm still here. Gosh, I had no idea being unemployed would dictate such a hectic schedule! I've been running around like mad, trying to get a paper published from my postdoctoral work, going to networking meetings, going to interviews, and signing up for some courses to help my resume. However, I feel very positive and have no doubt that my first job in the biotech industry is only a stone's throw away.

Happy New Year! What are your resolutions? I only have 3 but I feel super motivated to achieve them:
1. Exercise consistently.
2. Eat healthfully by preparing meals at home, planning ahead, and counting calories to lose about 5 unwanted pounds.
3. Go to bed early and wake up early. (Gee, this was on my list last year).
These resolutions are all about health this year. I'm already off to a good start.

With the New Year, I've had a lot of motivation. I completely spring-cleaned the house and re-vamped my finances, mapping out my 2011 budget. Now, I feel clear-headed and ready to tackle the enormous project of finding a job.

I slacked off quite a bit on working out over the holidays. (Okay, really, who didn't?) With a (challenging) half marathon only 2 weeks away, I began to freak out. Today, Greg and I logged a very tough 10-mile trail run at Black Mountain Park. Nailed out! I felt great and could have gone farther!!! I have the confidence I need to know I can survive the race now. Personally, I think my Xbox Kinect's Dance game totally helped me maintain fitness while slacking off. Kinect is an AWESOME cross-training tool. Who knew? I'm totally hooked on the dance game. Very addictive.

Finally, since it's the New Year, and we are all striving to adhere to our resolutions, I'll leave you with this:
What motivates you?
Is it health? Fitting into those skinny jeans? A PR at your next race? Let us know!
Personally, I'm motivated to train, race, and simply be active because it's part of my identity. It's part of how I see myself. When I'm sick or injured and unable to train, I feel lost. In addition, I love the positive boost in mental health!


Nicole @ Geek Turned Athlete said...

Girl, I hear you. I'm unemployed since graduating last month, and I'm feeling pretty busy. What motivates me? I want to find out exactly what I'm capable of. Curiosity maybe?

Diana said...

Happy New Year! My goal this year is to run my first marathon. That is booked for May 15th!
What motivates me? Well, since I used to weigh over 300lbs, seeing old pictures of me sends a little reminder of what could easily happen again if I don't keep moving. I love being able to now do what I do. I love being able to run. I love being able to bike. I love my kettlebells. I love it all. I love the endorphin rush followed by the dopamine craze! It's all good and that keeps me motivated. I've come to learn that the only thing standing between me and what I want to be is.....ME!
Hope you have a great year-look forward to reading all about it!

Wes said...

Happy New Year, Rach!

Christi said...

Happy New Year! I think you have some great goals and I can't wait to read about your journery to conquer them!

Bicyclesidewalk said...

Just found your blog, enjoyed reading it.
I am looking forward to racing a bit more this year and perhaps doing a 70.3 race in October.

commoncents said...

WOW! Thank you for putting this blog up!!

Common Cents

Carlos said...

New follower, great blog.

Constant self-improvement is what motivates me. Whether it's a PR through a new training program, volunteering to help others in need or reading new material to have that extra bit of knowledge on the job. If I'm not improving, then at best I'm stagnant which doesn't sound like any fun!

Bron said...

I'm a nurse and look after patients with cancer. They inspire me every day and have taught me that life is to be lived and experienced, not just sat through.