Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Working Out Again

I've been trying to be content with only 1 workout a day but it never seems like enough. Is it normal to see the contestants on Biggest Loser puking, falling down, and almost dying from the "Last Chance" workout and feel envious? Even though I just did a Sufferama Spinerval DVD? Anyway, it feels good to be getting back into it again. I just can't wait until I'm in shape enough to be doing hilly centuries.

On Monday, I showed up for master's swimming at UCSD. It was Martin Luther King day so we did the "I Have a Dream" workout: 40x100 on base. I managed 30x100 after a 300 warm-up. That's the most I've gone in a long time! It was also the 4-year anniversary of George's (my late horse) death so I dedicated the workout to him. The first 10 100s were agonizing. Sets 15-20 felt awesome. I hit my stride and began shaving time off the clock. The last 10 were excruciating but somehow, I got through it.

Tuesday, we were supposed to do a track workout with Alec, in preparation for his big 1-mile kids race in Carlsbad on Saturday. It ended up getting late and dark (and there was a soccer game in the field at the track). Using my GPS and lights on the sidewalk, Brent, Alec, and I set off. We jogged 1/2 mile (uphill) and then turned around and headed back. Alec had his best run ever! He didn't even stop for a walk break! That kid will be outrunning me before I know it.

After dinner, I forced myself onto the trainer for a spin workout. I am so proud of myself! Yes, after dinner while Brent and Alec showered and padded about in pj's, I dragged out the trainer and dripped sweat on the carpet. It was a kick-ass workout too!
Spin 3:00 (small-15)
3x:30 spin-ups (big-15) with :30 ez spin in between
5x1:00 hard effort in big-18, big-15, big-14, big-13, big-12 (your hardest gear)
ez spin 2:00 (small-15)
5:00 of (:30 seated big-12; :30 recover; :30 standing big-12) Ugh!
ez spin 1:00 (small-15)
super spin (120 rpm or higher) small-15--6x:30 with :30 recover in b/tw (really gets your h.r. up!)
ez spin 1:00
6x (:30 spin up (120 rpm small-15), :10 rest; :10 hard effort seated big-12; :10 hard effort standing big-12; :30 rest)
ez spin 1:00
5:00 race simulation all-out effort (includes hills: big-12 standing :30; downhill: :30 superspin small-15; race effort big-12 seated :30--repeat until 5:00)
cool down: 3:00
Total Time: 45:00

This morning, I almost slept in and skipped my swim. At the last minute, I dragged myself out of bed and to the pool. I was so glad I did. I got in 3,000 yds!
1. 200 free--100 stroke--200 free
2. 200 free--100 kick--200 free
3. 5x100 B-5 (test set; I did 1:30!)
4. 200 free; 3x100 hard kick B+1:00 (Ugh!)
5. 500 aerobic
6. 500 anaerobic threshold (with stroke mixed in)


Wes said...

That's just too much for me to take in :-) I feel like such a weakling ;-)

triguyjt said...

you have the eye of the tiger rachel!!!

Nikee Pomper said...

HOLY COW! Your route cues page is awesome!

Sara said...

Wow. That is pretty killer. Especially the swim - I can't imagine doing those workouts!! Good Luck to Alec on his run!