Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Camp Pendleton International Triathlon--Cancelled!

Yes, it's true. The Camp Pendleton International Triathlon has been cancelled...indefinitely. This was my favorite race of all time. Camp Pendleton Race Directors--you're breaking my heart! I e-mailed the race director (see below for e-mail) to inquire as to why, and he said there was a scheduling conflict. If you feel as strongly as I do, please e-mail the race director at the below address and let him know how much you would like to see this race resurrected in 2010. Perhaps, with our joint efforts, they will bring it back due to popular demand. Thanks!

Camp Pendleton
Race Director
Mr. Anthony Carson

My e-mail:
Dear Camp Pendleton Race Director,
I was extremely disappointed to note that the Camp Pendleton International Triathlon was not scheduled for 2009. Does this mean that this race has been cancelled? May I ask why? This has been my favorite local race for several years and the best international-distance tri, hands-down, by far. Many of my friends agree, and I've noticed this race always sells out. It's well-organized, competitive, affordable, very scenic, and the Marine volunteers, as always, are top-notch. I had decided to make this race an annual celebration for me; it's the only one I enjoy repeating year-after-year. I've done it for the last 3 years in a row and am very sad that this continuity will be broken in 2009. Each year, I've posted a blog report, raving about this race, on my blog (see below). Even though I am training for Ironman Canada in August this year, I still Ironman Canada in August this year, I still rearranged my training schedule to squeeze in Camp Pendleton International, despite the fact that it's not very useful for Ironman training. That's how much I love this race. Please consider resurrecting this race for 2010. Thank you for your consideration.

Camp Pendleton International Tri Race Reports:

His Response:
"Thank you for your interest, comments and concerns about the Camp Pendleton International Triathlon. The decision to not have this event for 2009, was one that was not easily made. True, it is an extremely popular event, attended by race enthusiast from all around the community and country. Due to the logistical and scheduling conflicts, with the Military and the Community within the Military, we had to put the race on the "shelf" for the time yet to be determined. Not making any promises that it will return in the 2010 Hard corps Race Series. But for right now, we have to move in another direction. I would to see you at some of our other events that we have planned for the 2009 Race Series. Once again thank you for your previous participation in our Hard Corps Race Series. Have a very happy and safe New Year."


triguyjt said...

was this a victum of the economy??
have we come to that point??

I mean triathlons have grown..but maybe the finances hurt it...

just wondering

Sherry said...

That's a real bummer....

untpawgal02 said...

Sorry to hear :(

Kevin said...

Major bummer

Ordinarylife said...

It sucks when one of your favourite races is cancelled.
It happened to me in December, one of my favourite "off road" tri's was cancelled because the owner had sold the farm it was held on and the new owners would not allow acces or something like that!

Grey Beard said...

USMC will be off in Afghanistan?

Maybe you can talk T Boone Pickens into having a great off-road Tri on those wind-turbine access roads?