Monday, September 08, 2008

Thoughts on My Long Run
Miles 0-1: This will be fun. I haven't seen my running buds in awhile. Plus, we get to run through the Lagoon (San Elijo)! And it's overcast and dewy and cool. Whoo-hoo!
Miles 1-2: Look at that great blue heron! Wow!
Miles 2-3: Quick feet, quick feet. Across, across, zig, zag. Gosh, this is a steep descent! Sure is fun though... Deep sand, ugh. Flat feet, light, quick, short steps. Is this deep sand stuff ever going to end?
Miles 3-4: So green. Like a jungle. Is this still San Diego? Ah, must be getting close to Rancho Santa Fe, land of lush gardens. Watch out for that log!
Miles 4-5: I remember running up this road at the end of the San Dieguito Half Marathon. Ah, the park. Quick rest stop and regroup.
Miles 5-6: Back in the Lagoon again. I have my rhythm. I'm quieter now, chatting less, and listening more. Very peaceful.
Miles 6-7: The sand seems less deep now for some reason. Ugh, but those descents on the way out are now very steep ascents. Okay, okay. Just keep running. Keep running. Whoo! That was a good one!
Miles 7-8: Climbing over rocks now. Is this an obstacle course? Is that girl going the other way really not going to stop? Hey! It's single-track! She's going to push me off the cliff! Jeez, that was close.
Miles 8-9: Up one last steep hill. Ugh, that was the worst one yet! We're back at the Cove already? Okay, say goodbye. Everyone is stretching. My run has just begun.
Miles 9-10: Time to head south along the coast. Trail part over with. Road should be easier now. I feel great. Like I really have just begun. Can't believe I've run 10 miles already.
Miles 10-11: What's with all the people just south of Solana Beach? God, Dog Beach is crowded! A dog festival? It's bedlam. In-and-out, in-and-out. Look at all the dogs!
Miles 11-12: Is Del Mar really all uphill? I guess this should be pretty with the nice houses and scenic ocean but my hips and knees really don't like the slope of the road. Maybe if I run in the middle of the road...ack! Car! Doomed to the sidewalk.
Miles 12-13: Ah, downhill. Look at the ocean! So pretty. Those waves look huge. Much-needed brief water stop at Torrey Pines State Beach.
Miles 13-14: Will this hill ever end? At least I'm headed back. No problem; I'll just slow down. Did that old guy just pass me? Are you kidding me? He's limping! How embarrassing!
Miles 14-15: Thank God that hill is over with. That stupid old guy stopped at the top. Is he really cheering? Don't be so jubilant, old man. I'm still going. Ah, now for a long, gentle downhill in Del Mar.
Miles 15-16: This downhill doesn't feel as good as I thought it would. Hips ache, knees ache. Maybe they will go numb. Maybe I can pretend they're numb.
Miles 16-17: That's better. Stomach acting up a little. Too many Cliff Bloks and too much InfinIT. I feel....gassy. Okay, that's better. Dammit! Was that cyclist really right behind me? Whatever, dude. I've been out here running all day. I just don't care anymore.
Miles 17-18: Another hill? You have to be kidding me! And another old person passing me. I have no ego left at all. So many dogs! Look at all the dogs catching frisbees in the water! They look so happy. Very cool.
Miles 18-19: I'm almost done. I think I'm going to make it. My feet are shuffling. Focus on picking them up from the hips. Use the glutes. It's all in the glutes. Hey, my pace actually increased! It worked!
Miles 19-20: Where's the Solana Vista intersection? Wait, why am I passing B&L already? I've already passed Solana Vista? Where am I? Jeez, I'm kind of out of it. Okay, almost done, almost done. I'm going to make it. I'm going to make it!
The finale: I did it! That was tough! Time for chocolate milk, ice bath, and nap. How the hell am I going to run 6.2 more miles on race day?


Wes said...

I love the play by play. The break down of the mental state during a long run type of thing! Well done!!

Wes said...

I should say not "mentally breaking down" :-) LOL... or maybe I do... Jeesh. Too complicated ;-)

Sara said...

wow what an amazing run!! 20 miles, a bazillion hills, some friends and some alone time and getting passed twice! Never mind the passing gas in front of the cyclist!! too funny! You will rock the marathon!

triguyjt said...

loved the mile by mile account....

is that how it is...on tight trail, the person who is out of control has the right of way!!!LOL

great run... Rachel!! wake up!!! I said great run

filoli said...

That was too much fun. I love Mile 19-20...and of course the best recovery drink of all time - chocolate milk! I never think of it as 6.2 miles...I always say "just a 10k...a know easy...just a 5k...super fast...just a 5k."

Ryan Denner said...

20 mile warm up to a 10!

"How the hell am I going to run 6.2 more miles on race day?"

Because you are finally doing it!

bunnygirl said...

The other 6.2 is a lot easier with cheering crowds. But you knew that.

teacherwoman said...

Love the format of the play by play of your long run. Sounds like you have quite the variety of scenery over there! Good job!

Nikemom said...

love the commentary!

Leah said...

Fun post. You're going to run another 6.2 on race day easy: You won't have already traveled 114.4 miles!

beth said...

totally. love the mile-by mile play by play...

except i get some kind of runner's block where i can't remember ANYTHING. james asked how the run went, and all ican say is good. i never remember crao about race courses at all. its weird!
i'm jealous of your super skills!

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Loved reading your feelings mile by mile.

Good job on your 20miler. :-)

Renee said...

You will do the other 6.2 easy because hopefully you won't have too many old guys passing you and psyching you out!! You will do great!

IronMatron said...

You'll do the last 6.2 the same way you did it at IMAZ only faster!
You will rock it! Great job on that run!

Diana said...

Great run and love the mile by mile comments! I ran my farthest ever yesterday, 6.5 miles! Only 6.5 more to do a half marathon! Not bad from where I started from! 304lbs and just plain fat and lazy!

Mon said...

what i like best is that you never self defeated! awesome!

that dog beach sounds really cool! congrats on 20 miles, daaaang

beth said...

hey! you still doing the unofficial half ironman?????

LJ said...

Hey I just happened onto your blog and its amazing all you have accomplished! This play by play blog is cracking me up....makes me miss San Diego too!

Tri-ing with Twins said...

I truly loved reading this. Very intertaining. Makes me what to push myself on my next run (not to run farther, but to try and remember as much as you did while running!).

Loved it!

Alli said...

awesome! all I ever think on a run is, "Oh, I guess this is why someone invented the wheel."

swimbikerunnap said...

this is great-- you are very right about us being in the same place right now. i just finished my 2nd 20 miler and look forward to hearing about your next run too!

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