Thursday, September 04, 2008

My Support Network

I spend so many miles out on the road alone but I'm never lonely. In fact, I think I'm pretty lucky. I have a wonderful support network. I spent Labor Day weekend with my parents in Los Gatos (norCal). Upon getting home, my dad shows me his latest gift for me (my parents are always showering me with gifts)--a personalized license plate. I'm normally not the personalized license plate kind of gal but this time, it was different. #1--It was from my mom and dad. #2--It read: FEGRRL (you may need a periodic table for those of you who haven't thought about chemistry since high school). Needless to say, was pretty touched. I can't wait to show you guys pics when I pick up the plates!
Iron - Periodic Table
Then my dad asked if I had replaced the bike I had stolen. I mentioned that I wanted to get one to keep at their place for my visits to norCal. He wanted to take me bike shopping and go 50-50! I ended up running out of time on this trip so we're saving the bike shopping for next time. Visiting my parents is so awful!
I proceeded to tell my folks about getting into Ironman Canada. Next thing I know, they've booked a room at the hotel where I'm staying (yes, I already have my hotel--Penticton is selling out of lodging FAST!). They're going to cheer me on next year! My dad also cheered me on at IMAZ in April. I cannot describe how much that meant to me. Knowing my dad and Brent were there waiting for me really pushed me forward in my darkest moments like a beacon of light leading me out of the tunnel.
When I woke up Saturday morning for my 18-mile run on the Los Gatos Creek Trail , my dad dragged himself from his deep slumber to make us coffee. He rode his bike alongside me for the first few miles, stopping at Vasona Park where he read the paper and waited over two-and-a-half hours for me to return. "I was just starting to get worried," he said when I returned. I was floating on an awesome runner's high so I motioned him to follow me home. His company bolstered me through the many miles on that run. Afterwards, he took me to 7-11 and got 2 bags of ice for my ice bath.
Sunday, he took me to the pool at his gym and read the paper by the pool while I swam laps. Then, he made coffee and pancakes for me before whisking me to the airport to catch my flight. My mom left a little note for me in my bag: "I heart Fe girl". (Now hanging in my office). Reluctantly, I flew back home. It's hard to leave when your parents are smothering you with attention!
I am very lucky. Having a good support crew helps pick me up when I'm down and encourages me to push myself beyond what I thought was capable. Both of my parents support me in everything I do. I also happen to have a fantastic boyfriend who is one of my biggest cheerleaders (second only to my mom). He also has a spot reserved in the cheering section for Ironman Canada (and my upcoming marathon). You know you have an awesome boyfriend when he diligently goes on poop patrol duty after your 4 dirty little bunnies while you're out of town!


Julie said...

Hmm,living here in AZ and reading about your time in Los Gatos makes me homesick. I grew up in Los Gatos and Campbell, and used to bike and run the Los Gatos Creek Trail all the time through Vasona Park and to the reservoir. I don't know if you've done the bike ride to Santa Cruz from Los Gatos, but if you're getting a bike to keep at your parents' place, I highly recommend it. You start at the reservoir and follow the road leading from it (forgot the name) south to Summit Rd, and take that to Old San Jose Rd, which takes you right into Soquel, and then Santa Cruz. I think it's about 35 miles or so, hilly, full of redwoods, and beautiful!

don said...

>>"I heart Fe girl"
This brought tears to my eyes. Not sure why but it did. Bless you Iron Mom. And she can certainly cheer me on at IMC if she wants.
My parents came to watch me in a half ironman race this spring. It was so amazing for me to see how excited they got about it. Then by some amazing stroke of luck I actually placed 2nd in my age group. They were totally vahklempt .

RoadBunner said...

Your parents sound totally awesome.

Boyfriend is gearing up to go on poop duty this weekend when I take off. I think they have secret bachelor parties together when I'm gone. Ha!

teacherwoman said...

Love the license plate idea! Sounds like you have a great set of parents! :)

Leah said...

Really nice post. I envy you parents in Los Gatos. It's beautiful in that part of the world, and the riding is spectacular.

beth said...

this is hands down my favorite post of yours ever...i love awesome parents...AND when their kids appreciate them. your dad reminds me of mine.. HE ROCKS!!

see you saturday!

Anonymous said...

What a great post. Like you, I am very close to my parents and they are amazing support for me. Your dad is a special guy, and it sounds like he really understands the emotional side of doing tri training, not just cheering at the races, but being there and being concerned throughout the long training days too. Your mom's note, melting here! You're a lucky person for sure. :-)

Anonymous said...

Forgot to add - thank you for your comment on my blog! As a tri-newbie switching over from years of running, I look up to you and admire your experience. I'm thinking out my taper now, intensity up and volume down down you said? Do you crank up the intensity by doing, e.g. bike sprints or swim drills for speed? Or is it more resistance?

Sara said...

That is so cute - I love the Fegrrl license plate, so perfect for you!!!

That is so cute about your dad tagging along for your workouts!!

Support is so important, especially with your type of training!!

Brent is too cute! You are one lucky girl!!

Alli said...

That's so sweet of your parents! FeGRRL- cool! Seems like it was just yesterday,or at least last year that you were doing the tetrathlon and I was over at your house (your folks house) in Los Gatos during the horsey days of our lives. Say high to your folks for me!

Benson said...

You are one lucky girl with great parents. Let them know I'm available for adoption.

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