Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Baby Bunnies!

I had the opportunity to foster some baby bunnies for the House Rabbit Society and just couldn't resist. These girls are ADOREABLE! Very playful, very friendly. They will make someone really happy. It's been a lot of fun for me to care for them. I've named them Rose and Iris. If anyone in San Diego is interested in an awesome house pet, please consider these gals!
Rose, picking out a book to read (she's a Democrat).

Iris, practicing her gymnastics for the 2012 Olympics.

Rose playing hide-and-go-seek.

Iris playing too (not to be outdone by her sister).

The gals love to play games with each other!

Iris bustin' out a move.

Iris is just loaded with them!

Binky in action!

Chase scene I.

Chase scene II!


teacherwoman said...

That's too cute! :)

bunnygirl said...

They are SO precious! If I lived anything like close I'd consider adopting them. What sweeties!

RoadBunner said...

So cute! If it weren't for 1) Boyfriend politely putting up with the one rabbit and 2) the fact that landlord wrote in the lease that we can have "ONE rabbit" (love how he had the foresight to write O-N-E vs. an easily altered "1") I'd love to foster bunnies. They look like lots of fun.

Anonymous said...

Awwwww! They are adorable. Irresistable in fact :-)

Marcy said...

Very, cute, cute, cute!

Renee said...

Oh how much fun! I love to have visiting pets! They look like they are having a blast with you too!

triguyjt said...

cute rachel... i was waiting for you to do the the end of the post there would be like...50 rabbits....but stupid me just figured out they were scratch that theory..

leave it to a guy!!!!! LOL

Alli said...

Your bunnies are so friggin' cute! I keep thinking of adopting some, and your pic's don't help with the logic that adopting any animal right now would border on animal cruelty, since I'm never home, sometimes not even to sleep! I love the chase scene- awesome.

Sherry said...

OMG! They are SOOOO freakin' cute!

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