Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Still Sick

I can't believe I'm still sick. After all that I've been doing. What am I doing wrong?

I started antibiotics (Augmentin) on Wednesday. Went home early and put myself to bed. I was SO tired. Stayed on bedrest Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I've never slept so much, drank so much tea, eaten so much chicken noodle soup, or watched so much bad t.v. To sleep, I found if I carefully positioned my head, I could breathe out of 1 nostril...given that I didn't move. I took being able to breathe and thus sleep over the nasty neck cramp I woke up with. I've been using disgusting saline rinses to flush out my sinuses. Nasty, but it definitely helps. Taking prescriptive Sudafed and Mucinex. Blowing my nose. Sleeping with a humidifier. Taking probiotics and eating yogurt.

Despite all this, my stomach rejected the Augmentin by Friday morning. Called the doctor and was on Ceftin by Friday night. My stomach was in its wildest throes all weekend. However, I did feel like I was starting to breathe better and I felt more rested. But I couldn't eat anything and was getting more and more dehydrated.

I took a mini-vacation from the antibiotics Sunday night and Monday morning. By Monday afternoon, I was completely blocked again. Stomach is 100% better. Unbelievable. I missed 2 doses...24 hours. Jeez. Started back on the antibiotics and am now praying that I can tolerate them. I'm hoping that I couldn't tolerate the Augmentin and my stomach was just completely out of whack and not allowed to recover when I switched to the Ceftin. If I show stomach troubles again, I'll have to go back to the doctor. This is getting ridiculous.

It felt good to go back to lab yesterday. I'm so sick of being in bed.


Jessi said...

Wow, I am so sorry you're having such a rough time. Sucks. I hope the latest antibiotics work!

Ken Schulz said...

Get well soon!!!

bunnygirl said...

You poor thing! I wish I knew some magic remedy to share with you.

Cliff Tam said...


I hope you get well soon. I know how it feels like to be tired and not feeling like doing anything..it is like hell for a triathlete when we are always busy.

JeffM said...

Wow- hope you find the right medicine and get it knocked out. That's one strong bug.