Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Lab Takes Over

I've been too busy in lab to even think about anything else right now. Good and bad. I like producing data! Also, boy do I miss my workouts! I've been getting in at 8 and leaving at 12:30 so there's not really time to even eat or sleep right now. I can't wait for balance to be restored.

Things Going On In My Life Right Now:
(not that it matters)
1. A large bug with lots of legs (some sort of millipede?) hid in my robe and started crawling down my back Sunday morning. I did the jiggity-hop for about 20 minutes afterwads. Eeeeeeeeeew!
2. My doctor insisted my 3-week (now going on 4) cold was allergies. The allergy medicine has done nothing. Meds: 0. Cold: 4x7=28. Cold wins. Now it's getting worse. I think it's a sinus infections. Time to go back and beg for antibiotics.
3. I was in lab until 12:30 last night (don't ever try to start 2 new ELISAs-4 96-well plates each at 2 in the afternoon). I'm loopy. I'm not even going to tell you what Jason (my hero) brought me for dinner (fast food). Too embarrassed. Some triathlete.
4. The scent of jasmine all around is strong enough for even me to smell with my stuffed-up nose. Spring is here!
5. I got some solace when I biked in to work (on my commuter bike) Monday.
6. The bunnies were extra cuddly this morning since I've been in lab so much. Oscar wouldn't even let me leave the bedroom until I gave him his pettings.
7. I completed (2) entire (Monday) crossword puzzles yesterday! That's gotta be a first.
8. If it weren't for the coffee cart outside this building, I think I would have dropped dead by now.
9. Why is it when I miss my "bedtime", I can't fall asleep even though I'm exhausted?
10. The 1 nice thing about not sleeping well is that it's pretty easy to wake up in the morning.


SkiRough said...

Too gross about the bug in your robe. Eww. My feet curled just thinking of that. Oh, and I *demand* bunny pics!! :)

Hang in there with work for the next few days. Training will be there when you get done.

Megan said...

You're an inspiration to me and I've been following your blog for your 70.3 race. I love your tips you have offered during your race, and I know I will use them attempting my first IM, thank you!

JeffM said...

Those are long days! Luckily it happened after your race.

Jodi said...

So was it one of those long legged bugs? We call those the many legged bugs from outer space. They don't even look like they belong on this planet. They are so nasty! And SO FAST!

Hope works starts getting more under control for you! I've been in lab many days past midnight, but not in my current lab. Gotta love bacteria!