Sunday, January 29, 2006

Lazy Weekend--Full of Guilt

Well, the title says it all. There were lots I wanted to do this weekend that I didn't do--play tennis, shoot hoops in the park, go exploring on the bike paths with Bluebell (my Felt roadbike), go on a canyon run, or swim in the pool.

Saturday, we walked around La Jolla Cove. I saw tons of swimmers and ocean kayakers out there. It looks so inviting. Lots of triathletes practice open water swimming there. Buoys pave the way, and the waters are calm. We saw Children's Pool where tons of pregnant seals basked in the sun (see pics above). I also saw protestors with signs reading, "Save the Seals." I didn't understand how the seals were threatened until it was explained to me later. Apparently, the beach was originally intended for people to enjoy but the seals liked it so much that they spend a lot of time there. Believe it or not, instead of being happy to be so close to seals and feel blessed with their presence, some people are angry that the seals "took" their beach. They want to kick the seals out! I guess they can't walk two feet to the left where there is a nice beach with tidepools, or go a hundred feet north to a huge beach where you can swim without bumping into rocks. Unbelieavable.

I watched the seals for a long time. They were so huge! Some of the little ones would pester the big ones until they grunted at them. One little guy would zip back and forth in the water (they are incredibly fast in the water!) and zoom up to shore, pop out of the water, and splash all the adults! It was amazing.

We drove out to Point Loma to the Cabrillo National Monument. It was "Gray Whale Weekend." We had hoped to catch sight of some of the whales on their southern migration to Baja to calve. I didn't see any but I think it was because of all the whale watching boats out there, probably scaring them off. I felt a little deceived because right in my neighborhood, I could go to the Torrey Pines Nature Reserve where it's prettier and quieter and get just as good of a view and probably have a better chance of sighting some whales because there aren't a lot of boats. Now that I know that, I may hop over there on my bike after lab one day this week with my binculars. I am determined to see a whale!

Anyway, after all that ocean and sunshine and wildlife, we were pooped. I napped a little and then we went out to dinner and stuffed ourselves with delicious Mexican food. Sunday was spent sleeping and watching t.v. I'm kind of mad for being such a vegetable this weekend. I need to be a little better about exercise. However, I may have pushed it too much on Friday. No slacking next weekend! I have a 10k. Yikes.

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Rita said...

Man, Rachel. You make me want to get marred.

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