Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Girls on the Run

Time continues to fly by. My life is full and busy, yet, somehow, in the midst of all the chaos, I realize I feel happier than I've been in a long time.

Girls on the Run ( started this week, and I'm head coach of the Carlsbad chapter. I meet with 15 other girls and (thank God) a few other assistant coaches 2x a week. Our 75 minutes together is way too short. It just seems meant to be. Here I am, triathlete and prospective teacher, in a position to positively influence young girls about the love of running, health, physical exercise, and self confidence. It's an amazing experience.
I'm still trying to get a substitute teaching position while waiting to apply to a teaching credential program next fall (I missed the deadline for this year--my decision to change careers was in April and the deadline was in March; ugh). It's tough out there! The pools are closed to many teachers with emergency permits (moh) because there are so many fully credentialed teachers who want to sub. Not a good sign. I refuse to become discourged! Meanwhile, I'm tutoring and applying for more volunteer positions in the classroom. This will be my year of volunteering. I love volunteering; too bad I can't get paid for it!
My foot continues to improve and I'm running more and more on it (after a $6.95 gel metatarsal pad from CVS--the miracle of Dr. Scholl!). I'm mountain biking a lot more and absolutely loving it. I'm starting to get less scared about going downhill. Expletives help a lot. I even went down some switchbacks on my last ride (my nemesis)! Every time I go over a bump, or rock, or creek, (insert scary obstacle here), I am overjoyed because I know just a few weeks ago, I would have stopped and walked over it. (I know this because the urge to stop and walk still enters my mind; I just work really hard to suppress it).
My sister is getting married! Blake and I are very happy. And the fact that his kids and pets (especially his little weenie dog, Oscar) are awesome doesn't hurt. Even Travis is doing great (although I wish he'd stop running into cacti off leash)! He's en route to become a therapy dog.


Diana said...

What a great opportunity to be the head coach for the GOTR program. They are a lucky bunch! It's great teaching what you love-I get the same feeling when I train a client in Kettlebells. It's a great thing to pass on something we love!
I'm looking forward to getting my orthotics and getting back to some serious mileage-sure hope this works!

RaceSpy said...

Mountain biking is a great way to improve biking endurance and bike handling skills in the off-season! Enjoy!

Toenee62 said...

I enjoy reading your BLOG. I've been a fan for a very long time but never posted a comment . I recently set up a website and posted my first blog yesterday. I hope you don't mind but I found a post of yours a few years back showing your 70.3 training plan. I've taken your plan for an outline to help me with training for IMFL half in May 2012. I hope you don't mind. Your BLOG is a great Read. Thanks again.

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