Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Pound Puppies

I've been busy lately working on my art business. It's great because 10% of the proceeds goes to a local animal shelter. I've been volunteering a lot; I love it. I bring my camera when I go the shelter and sketch them when I get home. I'm going to do a series of paintings, make a collage, and give it to the shelter.

"Terrier" 2011

"Pound Puppy" 2011

"Dr. S. Weenie" 2011

"Chiquita" 2011
all images: copyright 2011 Rachel Richards
No images may be reproduced without permission of the artist


krystyna47 said...

These are beautiful!! I especially like the one of the pound puppy... I wish I could adopt them all!

Michael said...

That's so cool. I love the pictures. You are very talented!

Christi said...

Those are great pics! Michael is right you are very talented.

Andy said...

The daschund is adorable! Your artwork is great! Thank you! Hope you have a great weekend.

Benson said...

very nice.