Wednesday, September 08, 2010

New Year Continued....Trainer Workout!

Yes, I rode the trainer last night. Why? Because I wanted to. It was dark, and I didn't want to go more than one day without working out. I hooked Torch up to the trainer, popped in a Spinerval DVD, cranked the tunes, and I was off. It was fantastic. I loved the feeling of working hard, sore muscles, sweat, lungs burning, legs screaming, and huffing and puffing. I followed it up with 25 minutes of weights. Travis wasn't too happy about all the noise (plus, he really wanted to play ball) but he got lots of love afterwards. I'm off to a good start!

P.S. The reef aquarium is really taking off. You can catch up on it's adventures at


hstryk said...

Good for you! Once again you're inspiring me. I have been struggling to get back to some form of working out post-surgery. It's hard, especially with grad school on top of it. Every time I get motivated life throws another distraction or road block. I miss training so much! Thanks for writing!

Christy said...

I love losing myself in sweat and tunes! Great work out!

NursAdrn said...

Nothing like a trainer ride to kick you in the butt! Great job!