Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Episode 1--Stan and Balloons vs. Segway Cop

"Where do I go from here?" Stan wonders.

"That's really harshing my mellow," says Stan's entourage.

Baton Bob and Pink Man have an idea.

"Uh-oh. There's trouble," says Stan.
"Never fear. Follow me!" shouts Baton Bob with glee.

Stan, Balloons, and Friends = 1.
Segway Cop = 0.


Quinton J said...

LOL...that segway cop should've known better.

Xavi Garcia said...


Cheers from Tokyo!

"XTB" Xavi.

Sherry said...

Ha! :o)

Christi said...

Okay, that is just too funny!

Wes said...

Are you suffering from post Ironman depression? ;-) Just kidding!