Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Taz in Memoriam--Part I

A story of his life is coming next. Until then, here is a photo memorial:

--playing with the lens cap of the camera.

--grooming Oscar; he got along with everyone.

--taking a nap behind the sofa

--out for a walk on the leash as a baby (he hated the leash but loved to chase garter snakes).

--playing with dolls.

--king of the chair.

--only a few months old in this photo.

--snuggling with his beloved, Babs.

--kissing Miss Babs.

--chomping on hay in his litterbox.

--enjoying some pettings.

--more pettings.

--giving me kisses. Taz believed in giving and receiving.

--teaching me how to rest after a hard workout.
--the photo that inspired "Super Bunny"

--Super Bunny Taz

--Taz took lots of naps. Never once, did he fail to look adoreable.

Taz (left) and the bunch (Babs and Oscar).

--Taz (left) and Babs, always eager for a treat.

--Babs (top) and Taz comforting each other the day Oscar died.

--Taz always gave me lots of kisses.

--More Taz kisses.

--He loved to watch t.v. with the gang and just hang out.
I found this from an earlier post, 3 years ago:
"this is Tazzer-Schmazzer-Mookie Bear. He is turning 7 in June. He jumped into my sister's lap to try and steal her cereal when she was visiting. Plus, he tried to climb into bed with her. He's king of the castle, not afraid of anything, and such a sweetheart that the worst he can do is lick you when he gets upset."


Xavi Garcia said...

Sorry to hear about that...

"XTB" Xavi.

Nicole said...

I'm sorry! Taz looks like the perfect pet and companion! You gave him a great life! He looks happy in all of these photos!

Sherry said...

This just broke my heart, Rachel. I am so, so sorry for your loss. My furry-butts are my world as well... a loss like this hurts terribly. Taz was absolutely adorable. I wish I could have reached through the screen and stroked him... looks so soft.

Sweet, peaceful dreams little furry guy.

Hugs to you, Rachel!

Christi said...

Sorry to hear about Taz! He looks like he was a great pet!

Renee said...

I am so sorry! What a sweet baby he was. Take care of yourself.

Wes said...

Any pet that ends up as one of your furry friends is one lucky aminal indeed... :-)

bunnygirl said...

Sweet Taz! I hate it when a bunny goes to the Bridge. It seems so unfair that they're not here longer.

Binkies, little Tazzer! May you enjoy endless fields of clover with your forever friends, who I know were there to greet you.

Krista said...

Taz was such a beautiful bunny! Losing a pet is always so hard. Hang in there and take care of yourself!

Leah said...

I enjoyed the visual tribute to a life well lived. My thoughts are with you.

hstryk said...

Sorry you lost such an amazing friend and pet! I've had a few bunnies and I've never had a bunny as good as Taz! So social and well-trained! Amazing how animals can have such different personalities. 10 years is a long time for a bunny! You def took wonderful care of him. *e-hugs*

Although I love my cat, I always want another bunny. They make such great pets if you train them young and socialize them!

Caroline said...

What a beautiful remembrance .... so sorry to hear the news.

Marni said...

animals are amazing creatures. They seem to touch your life in amazing ways.
Sorry to hear about your loss but I really enjoyed the slide show of pics. Always remember the happy times. :)