Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ironman Race Day Nutrition Plan

There are a million different Ironman nutrition plans out there. Each one has to be carefully customized to meet each athlete's individual needs. And then practiced and experimented with diligently in training. I have a very sensitive GI system. For last year's Ironman, I went to a nutritionist who specializes in endurance sports, Kim Mueller (who's the best). She really knows her stuff and took the guesswork out of my plan. On race day, she totally saved me. I knew just what to do. I'm using this plan for Ironman Canada.

Race Day Breakfast:
  • 2 hours before
  • 400-500 calories
  • avoid too much fiber
  • Examples:
  • peanut butter whole grain bagel and banana
  • Autumn Wheat cereal (or oatmeal) with skim milk and banana
  • Drink 1/2 cup coffee, 12 ounces water
  • 1 hour before
  • 100 calories
  • sip on low-fat chocolate milk
  • if can get it down, nibble on Cliff Nectar bar (yummy!)
  • ~100-200 calories
  • will replenish on bike (quicker transition)
  • will start out depleted from swim
  • drink water and InfinIT sports drink to rehydrate
  • try to supplement with something solid (Cliff MoJo bar or 1/2 PB&J)
  • ~250 calories/hour (2 scoops InfinIT)
  • 3 1/2 scoops (orange) InfinIT (complete sports drink with electrolytes, carbs, amino acids) in each of 4 bottles (2 on bike and 2 special needs)
  • drink shot (mouthful) of InfinIT every 10 minutes chased by couple sips of water (front aero bottle)
  • refill water at aid stations (every 1-2 aid stations)
  • goal is to have 1st 2 bottles gone by special needs and 2nd 2 bottles gone by end of bike
  • (a little more than 1/2 bottle an hour)
  • Back Up:
  • drinking only liquid calories feels yucky on tummy after awhile
  • may reduce liquids and substitute for solids (e.g. Cliff Blocks--Strawberry (non caffeinated) or Orange (caffeinated--if tummy feels good), Cliff MoJo bars)
  • 2 PB&Js cut into 4 squares (1 at beginning and 1 at special needs)
  • if hotter than 85, supplement with Thermolyte tablets (electrolytes); take 1 every 20 minutes chased with copious amount of water
  • if tummy acts up:
  • try Tums 1st (if helps, chase with Pepcid because longer lasting)
  • then Gas-X (or Bean O)
  • for cramping (last resort)--Immodium (try 1/2 tablet at a time)
  • 200 calories/hour (1.5 scoops InfinIT)
  • 1.5 scoops in each of 4 FuelBelt bottles
  • goal is to drink 1 bottle per hour
  • at each aid station, take shot of (lemon-lime) InfinIT from FuelBelt, chased by 8-12 ounces water from Dixie cup
  • Back Up:
  • can supplement/substitute with Cliff Blocks (Lemon Lime for non-caffeinated and Orange for caffeinated)
  • aid stations have yummy food too! (pretzels, flat Coke, chicken broth)
  • see above for GI problems or extreme heat

This plan is based off my age (31), gender (F), and weight (130). It also takes into account my speed and effort (the faster you go, the more fuel you need) e.g. 1.5 hr swim, 7 hr bike, 4 hr run. Obviously, if conditions are extremely hot (or hilly), I need to adjust accordingly.


Wes said...

The fourth discipline! and the devil is in the details!! As my coach said, this is the kind of plan that sees you through the day during Ironman!! woo hoo!!

Caroline said...

Oh, so interesting. These are some great ideas that I will definitely try and incorporate. Thanks for sharing.

Diana said...

Nutrition part, especially for us IBS girls is almost more work than the actual training for an event!

Backpacker said...

Isn't a wheat bagel and autumn wheat cereal fiber-y? Go mashed potatoes with butter, it's more fun anyway!

Rachel said...

I just have to avoid over 10 grams of fiber. Below that, I'm fine.

Edward Franklin said...
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David Franklin said...
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