Thursday, June 25, 2009

Shoe Review--Asics GT-2140

I normally don't do this. However, I recently had the unique opportunity to do an Asics Shoe Review for Online so I decided to give it a go. Afterall, I've been wearing Brooks for years and never had the courage to try anything different. What better chance to brave new territory.

I selected the Asics GT-2140. I have a narrow foot and was very pleased that Asics actually offers 2A (most don't, drastically limiting my selection). I have an odd running style too--even though I have high arches and land on my toes, my arches collapse, causing me to pronate. Thus, I need motion control and stability. The GT-2140 promised to do all those things. Plus, it was rated very highly in Runner's World .

When I first pulled them out of the box, I was pleasantly surprised. Most women's running shoes are offered in a single color, usually something naseating like pink or purple. The GT-2140 had 4 or 5 different color choices, none of them too girly. So they get a thumbs up on aesthetic appeal.

I walked around in them for a day, just to see how they would feel. They were very light and cushiony, fitting like a glove around the bottom of my foot. There was more room in the top of the shoe than I'm used to. I think it would prevent metatarsal nerve pain that often occurs after a mile or two of running when the foot starts to swell.

I took them out for a 6-mile test run. The run had a mix of roads, trails, flats, and hills. Immediately, the first thing I noticed was how light the shoes were. My turnover was sharp and quick, allowing for a faster pace. Bonus! On the flats and the roads, the shoes were perfect. Very comfortable, light, and cushiony. However, on my foot, they didn't do so well on the trails when my feet needed more support in the sand, around switchbacks, and up and down steep hills. I'm used to a much more supportive (and heavier) shoe. By the time I reached the road again, the muscles in my feet were sore. In addition, the extra room in the top of the shoe allowed too much movement for my very narrow foot. I think if Asics offered a 3A size (instead of 2A), I might do better.

Overall, I think this is a great shoe for neutral runners who are looking for something light with a little support. I love the lighter feel of the shoe and might be able to get away with them for shorter, flatter runs or even track workouts. However, for those needing a little more support and motion control (i.e. me), the GT-2140 may not work, especially for very long runs.

Btw, has a large selection of shoes and gear to choose from, and they do free shipping. Bonus! They also have a variety of women's specific run gear. Be sure to check 'em out.

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Kelli said...

Were you wearing Brooks Adrenalins before? I used to wear the GT-2130's but they did a redesign for the 2140's and I wasn't the biggest fan. Unfortunately the store I went to get shoes were out of the Adrenalins to tried on the Asics 1140's. They are more similar to the 2030's. This probably sounds confusing with all the numbers. Anyway I'm due for new shoes again and thinking of a come back to the Adrenalins after 4 year hiatus.

LG said...

great honest review - love the pros and cons. ASICS is a client at the agency where I work and I have recently begun wearing their gear. As a long time fan of Mizuno, I honestly have to say I'm glad I have given ASICS a chance because they do make a really good product. I've started wearing the trail shoes.

Caroline said...

Thanks for the intriguing review!

I too have high arches, so was going to suggest you might like the Asics Nimbus. Yet, how very interesting that in your gait cycle you're actually pronating!!!

It's funny how generally the shoe companies talk about the wet test to determine what category of shoe to go for, yet as you said, arches don't always tell the whole story!!

Cool that you finally tried another brand. I like switching it up a bit, and rotate between Asics, Saucony and Nike. Can see how one can be brand loyal too, though.

Wes said...

Asics are on my short lists of shoes to try!! but I gotz three pair with 100 miles on them, and now some new Saucony trail shoes from as well :-) LOL... My favs are my Mizunos, cause I love the large toe box and the padding is just right. Truth is, I really haven't met a shoe yet I didn't like. I think I gotz universal feet!