Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Are You Kidding Me?

For serious. Is this some kind of a cruel joke?

After my hip scare, now I have a full-fledged cold. I'm past the achy, fever stage and into the congested, dripping stage. Ugh. Less than 5 days until my marathon.

On a side note, Alec split his tongue open by running into a picnic table at his birthday party this Saturday, and we spent the evening in the ER. After several stitches, he's up and at 'em again. Kids are so tough.

Brent fell off his bike Thursday. Right on his butt. Luckily, except for some road rash and bruises, he's okay (so is his bike). Then, he was putting stuff on shelves in the garage while standing on the top of a ladder. The shelves (installed by the previous owner) were anchored into drywall with plain, old screws. All the shelves and everything on them came crashing down, on top of Brent, causing him to fall off the ladder (and on his butt again). Somehow, miraculously, he's okay.

Maybe I should be glad all I have is a cold....


Shawn said...

Wow...take care of yourself!!! You should be better before your marathon! I have a ACL strain in my left knee with 10 days to go before my first sprint tri of the year!!!!!! Just bad timing on both our

LG said...

wow! is there a black cloud over your house??? stay away from black cats, ladders & mirrors the next few days - no more bad luck. maybe you should hole up in a hotel with room service??

i am volunteering at the finish line - maybe i will take off your chip timer!

untpawgal02 said...

oh no... poor thing... get better soon :)

IronVince: My Ironman Wisconsin 2009 Story said...

Did you all break a mirror by dropping it on a black cat as you went under a ladder?

Get well soon. Good luck in your marathon.

Ps. Glad to hear your hip is better.

Caroline said...

omg, These things always do happen in threes, right!!

And, isn't it true how resiliant kids are. My son had a dishwasher fall on him at Home Depot last year, and I was FREAKING out, and yet not long after he was wanting to play and do his usual things.

Hope your cold is gone quick!!!

Renee said...

Spicy thai food for the cold! I have volcano soup when I am sick and it works everytime. I am not sure what to do for Brent's butt though. I would not try the soup remedy for him. :)

hstryk said...
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hstryk said...

I swear by using Zicam nasal swabs and forcing myself to drink as much water as possible. Also the spicy food trick like Renee said.
Get well soon!!!