Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Clawing My Way Back onto the Wagon

I meant to take a few weeks off after my marathon (Oct. 18). Not 6! How is it possible that it's December? At first, it was well-intended rest. Then, I became the only postdoc left in the lab (like the Last of the Mohicans or the Last Unicorn or something) and work became insane (still is). Talk about pressure! Then, Brent and I moved in together--good stress--but still, stress. Moving just plain sucks, no matter how you look at it (the house is beautiful). It was crazy--trying to unpack two households amidst painters and contractors laying hardwood floors. In the middle of it all, we were whisked to Tempe for Brent's Ironman. I'm amazed he didn't forget anything. To say life has been a whirlwind is an understatement--tsunami is more like it!

Things are starting to calm down. The house is unpacked. Brent did AWESOME at IMAZ (the encore). I'm scaling back at lab and pacing myself; I'm only one person afterall. My goal is to achieve balance. I finally drew up a rough draft for my 2009 training plan, a long slow build-up to IM-Canada in August (coming soon). I can't wait!!! Next up, an analysis of my 2008 (also, can't wait). It should be fun to add up the numbers and impress myself with the year of biggest volume yet. I know I've been a ghost in BlogLand; that era has also come to an end. I'm coming out of hibernation!
My training plan actually started this week. I feel very sluggish but I did manage to run 2x, bike on the trainer 1x and squeeze in some weights. It's a start. I met a group of old friends this morning for a "long" run. I was only planning on doing 6-8. I couldn't wait to play with my new toy that Brent got me for my b-day--my GPS (Garmin 405--the new one, the very complicated version that requires a special morse code to get it to work). I actually did get it to work somewhat! Progress! Anyway, I got to chatting on the run and was peer-pressured into a painful 10 miles. Phew! Quite the first long run back. At least I'll sleep well tonight.
And now....show and tell time--with pictures!!!
Cowles Mountain Hike
About a mile straight up with spectacular views. Alec did fantastic! He loves hiking and track workouts.
Alec and me on the way up.
The three of us at the top.
Alec took our pic on the way down. Not bad!
Brent's Ironman (Tempe, AZ)
I was the official "race bitch". It was a lot of fun to cheer everyone on. I couldn't believe how quickly the day flew as I dragged Brent's poor brother, Brook, everywhere, at a run (literally) to chalk, hang signs, and make it back to the turn-arounds to cheer Brent on. We barely had time for lunch between taking pictures and cheering until our voices were hoarse! The shopping for IMAZ shwag was also too tempting to resist. When Brent crossed the finish, I had an IMAZ sweatshirt and compression tights waiting for him. Ironically, he recovered faster from his IM than I did (I ended up with the post-race cold--do I get paid extra for that?).
--Tempe Town Lake at dawn, the calm before the storm
--churning water at the start.
--Brent heading out on the bike.
--Brook and I hung signs and chalked while Brent biked.
--Running across Mill Bridge just after Mile 20, endorphins running thick in his veins.
--Exhausted but exuberant, after the finish line. I gave him a big hug.
Santa and Christmas Tree Weekend (this weekend)
We did the "family" thing and saw Santa (Alec has quite a long list for Santa this year). We also brought home a GORGEOUS tree. I drilled holes in all the seashells I have collected over the years on the beach and hung them on the tree, giving it the San Diego touch.
--Alec telling Santa what to bring him this year.
--hanging ornaments on the tree. Alec was quite the good little helper!


untpawgal02 said...

Congrats to Brent on IM AZ! Hope your journey to IM Canada goes well!

Wes said...

Congrats to you two for taking the plunge. Alec looks like fa mighty fine kid. Great job too on being a spectathlete at IM AZ. I bet that was fun!!

RoadBunner said...

Welcome back! Sounds (and looks) like you have all been very busy!

Sherry said...

Welcome back to blogland, Rachel!

Congrats to Brent on his IM finish as well. :o)

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Those are all wonderful pictures. I think in the end the time off will really help you. You have a long time until your goal race and you can no ease into the training with fresh legs. I'm looking forward to hearing your 2008 review.

Sara said...

A very well deserved rest!!!

The pics look great and you all look very happy!

I'm glad you are back and looking forward to a 2009 full of more Rachel inspiration!

Freedom Runner said...

Thanks for the comment(s) over in my space! I chuckled at your post because I, too, have struggled to get back on the wagon post-half-marathon (also in mid-October). Like you, I have been distracted by my relationships with others (husband, dog, friends I impolitely ignored during the race season) and unpacking of stuff (still in-progress, though we moved in March!).

All I can say is I've been very strict about scheduling both workouts and unpacking, and giving equal time to both...and so far it's working effectively! :o) Soon the chaos will be over, and then it will be March, and time to kick it back into high gear!

Looking forward to hearing about your IM Canada journey.

Tawnee said...

Sounds like a busy busy life! Hey, was curious about your new Garmin 405... Being a woman, is it bulky on your wrist? It's the newest Garmin watch out there (right?) but is there another reason why you got that one? Thanks for your help, and congrats on your move!

Diana said...

Busy, busy, busy!! I hear ya on the Garmin, I want one real bad, but I can hardly figure out my basic Timex watch let alone the complicated world of Garmin!

Renee said...

Glad you are back! It sounds like you have been super busy so I can understand why you have been gone! Hope to see more updates now!

Fizzgig said...

no wonder time went so fast, youve been busy!!! Those pics are amazing!

Shan said...

Welcome back!! Congrats to Brent on a great IM, and I hope you enjoy getting back on the bandwagon...see you soon!!