Thursday, April 03, 2008

Most Adoreable Bunny Pic EVER!!!

I just had to re-post this because Taz is the most adoreable little guy EVER!!!


bunnygirl said...

Taz is a sweetie!

Stef said...

He sure IS!

Ken Schulz said...

It's the Suite life of Taz and Pandora!

Ann said...

i was perusing your site and i just LOVE the posting from the day you spent shooting hoops. that was my sport 30 years ago, hey, even as recent as 10 yrs. ago. i could spend hours in the driveway. now, i find myself training for IM canada.
good luck in AZ.
i'm off to find a hoop for some fun.

Ann said...

oh, and yes, Taz is a sweet bunny.