Thursday, February 14, 2008

Checking In (& My Two Cents--not that you asked)

This week has been pretty good, training-wise. I've completely recovered from my cold (and San Dieguito on Sunday) and have been hitting all my workouts feeling refreshed and energized.

masters swim (3000 total) am
hard weights pm (never do weights angry--I SO paid for that on Tuesday!)
easy 20 mile bike am
really solid track practice pm (6x800, not including warm up and cool-down; San Diego Track Club rocks!)
masters swim (3200 total)
included a 400 time trial; I did 6:55, even though I felt sluggish, shaving 13 seconds off my previous timed 400, only 2 weeks ago!!!
brick workout--60 minutes on trainer (Spinervals Time Trial Special), followed by 4 mi tempo run. Felt great! Aren't your legs supposed to hurt on a brick?

My Two Cents:
Can I just say that I hate Valentine's Day? It's a Hallmark Holiday. A marketing ploy for suckers to spend a bunch of money on stuff that is meaningless. But I may be a little jaded on the whole subject. Not really ready for full disclosure just yet. But I DO hate VD-Day.

Upcoming Posts to Get Excited About:
1. Tri Girl Goes to the Nutritionist (Ironman nutrition anyone? I've been learning LOTS and want to share. Working on this...)
2. New addition to the family. A Look 585 Elle!!! Hot, baby, so hot! Cannot WAIT to post some new baby pics.


triguyjt said...

in a way i agree that v-day is hallmark..but i always enjoy it and so does the bride..
helps us keep it fresh and fun after nearly 32 years of marriage.
this year was better..dhe was off and so was i..

Wes said...

Wow! I didn't know V-day was Hallmark! I think I'd rather not have known ;-) Way to kick some arse in those workouts! You ROCK!!!

Leah said...

OMG! You got an Elle?!?! I've been test-riding one this winter and it's a sweet, sweet ride. Plus so gorgeous.

Ryan Denner said...

V-Day: helping to fuel the consumer based American economy!

Marcy said...

V-Day is a holiday that the Mr and I could do without, also. Flowers? They die. Cards? They end up in recycling. Chocolate? Just make me fatter. Thanks, I'll pass LOL

Shan said...

Agreed - VDay is really silly. It generates lots of expectations that usually result in disappointment! Aren't we supposed to show the people in our lives that we love them *every* day...?

Can't wait to hear about all the stuff you've been learning about nutrition. I'm still trying to work out my nutrition for IMAZ, and I know I'm not taking enough calories in on the long rides...based upon my crabby demeanor by the end of the t-run... ;)

Hope IMAZ training is going well! Can you believe it's 8 weeks away!?!?! Aiiyyyy...

Benson said...

Nice training and that swim is great!
Keep on a'roll'n.

Rainmaker said...

A new bike! Fun fun! Better than any v-day...well...maybe anyways. ;)

Ange said...

Hey Rachel, Love your blog. I look forward to your nutrition post.
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IronMatron said...

Sweet bike! I can't wait to see pics and read stats. very hot!