Saturday, November 04, 2006

2007 California 70.3 Training Plan

Here it is, in all of its gory detail! Obviously, I'll make alterations as I need to but I think having a detailed plan will help make me stick to it.

(I left the last part of March blank to indicate the drop in mileage I will be doing during the taper period.)

Workout Summary:
Weights (W): 2x/week
Swim (S): 3-4x/wk
Run (R): 3-4x/wk
Bike (B): 3-4x/wk
Yoga (Y): 2x/wk (stretching)

Key Workouts (Swim/Bike/Run):
  • Bricks
  • Distance
  • Speed
  • Time Trials/Tempo
  • Hills (more for bike/run)
  • Drills (more for swim)


  • Practice mental visualization skills 20 min meditation on off days
  • Stretch 1-2x/day (morning and pm) 10-15 min
  • Bi-monthly massages
  • Focus on nutrition and sleep as well
  • 1 off day/week
  • Every 4th week, R&R week: 2 off days and reduce training volume by 50%
  • Bike commute for an extra 7 mi/day (40 min) or 35 mi/week!

To help me structure my workouts:

Workout Purpose by Day/Week:

(Workouts may vary from the above schedule but it helps to know what to focus on each day. Basically, this highlights the most important workout of the day.)

Detailed Training Plan:

I just finished week 2. Week 1 was fantastic but I got really sick week 2 (nasty stomach bug). Basically, I'm calling it an R&R week. I will resume week 3 next week but will not take an R&R the following week. This will juggle things a bit but I can just swap out/in the week I need to for convenience.


Mike said...

Holy schedules batman!! Wow, that is very cool that you have your whole plan mapped out already.

One thought on the bricks, you may want to consider reversing the run miles vs. bike miles as in:

Bike 20 / Run 8-10
down to
Bike 50 / Run 2-4

The goal of bricks are just to get your run legs so I'd maybe consider the inverse run mileage as the bikes get longer. That's what a couple coaches always had me doing...running longer of the shorter bikes and vice/versa. Less chance of injury if the longer bricks are a new thing for you. But if it works for you, give it a go..just my .02 cents!

Kewl Nitrox said...

Wow... That is mighty fine planning. Thanks for sharing that! I just might steal some ideas from you.

Jodi said...

Wow, I'm so impressed with your planning! Looks like a great schedule.


Habeela said...

You are so organized! And you're going to be amazing once you get to the starting line in March! Can't wait to hear how the training proceeds.

Paul said...

Nice Plan! That's some serious detail. I noticed that your run milage builds consistently. Typically you only need to do one 15 miler in a prep for a 1/2 mary. Your last 15 miler is probably a week too close to your race. Good luck! But be careful of so many very long runs. You don't want to get injured!

Best of luck to you!


Cliff said...


As Mike said..woah..that's a solid plan.

I would also keep the brick (run portion) low.

The longest brick I have done was 5 hr bike + 1 hr run. Not very smart (don't need that distance for HIM).

My brick run is always regardless of distance. I also run them hard...I SHOULD take them easy. Your body and your mind will thank you.

Those swim/run looks fun. I never done those before.

Rachel said...

Just to note--I don't necessarily do both workouts back-to-back on the same day, unless specifically denoted as a brick. So I probably will do my run in the am and swim in the pm.

jessie_tri_mn said...

Impressive detail, Rachel. I'm glad to see that you've included the most important weekly training day of all, the rest day. Be sure to stick to that one over all else and you'll be good!

jameson said...

so you are doing the cali 70.3... Killer. I will be there too and it will be my first half. I am really looking forward to it! Good luck with training over the winter and stay healthy!

Anonymous said...

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